Saturday, November 7, 2009


At the Noember 4, 2009 Stark County commissioners meeting, Commissioner Todd Bosley and "Vote No's" spokesperson Craig Conley got into a heated argument over Issue 5's failure and where we (Stark County) goes from here.

Almost all Stark Countians familiar with the current condition of 9-1-1 admit that the system is broke and needs a thorough redoing.

All except Rich Peterson, who is fire chief out in Nimshillen Township.

He suggests that all 9-1-1 needs is some "tinkering" (the SCPR's word) at significantly less money than Issue #5 and the cellphone telephone surcharge (about $3 million now) dollars.

It is clear to the SCPR that the "Vote No" folks have bought into the Peterson argument, "hook, line & sinker."

Peterson and the "Vote No" partisans have a heavy burden to carry these days.  Peterson went as far as to tell the SCPR that the audios that the "Yes for Public Safety" group put up on it campaign website did not speak to the failure of Stark's current patchwork of a 9-1-1 system.

The next time that someone dies in Stark County and it becomes clear to everyday Stark Countians that a broken 9-1-1 is to blame, the SCPR believes all eyes will turn to Peterson and his "No on 5" cohorts.

The cohorts might want to re-examine the Peterson's "spin."  His numbers are suspect to yours truly as is his suggesting that all that is needed is some "tinkering."

Although the SCPR is less sure that Peterson's opposition to Issue #5 was all about Peterson losing out on being named 9-1-1 project manager to Joseph Concatto; arguments like this one keeps yours truly of the overall opinion that Peterson is still smarting on not being in charge and has let his ego get in the way of the Stark County Council on Governments (SCOG) Governance Committee plan.

The SCPR understands that there is a well-spring of outrage building within the Stark County safety force community (which Peterson is apparently oblivious to; in fact he tells the SCPR he is leading an effort of a group of these same folks, hmm?) to deal with Peterson because of a perception that he played a key role in providing a plausible yet erroneous rationale to the "Vote No" group to present to the Stark County voters as a justification for a "no" vote on Issue 5.

The SCPR took extensive video on the November 4th encounter between the "Vote No" representatives (Conley, Snyder and Marcelli) and county commissioners (mainly, Commissioner Todd Bosley).

Today's segment presents Conley and Bosley arguing over whether or not the "Vote No" people have an alternative.

Here is the video.

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