Monday, December 14, 2009


Because Stark Countians have been abandoned by The Canton Repository (Gatehouse Media, Inc.) when Gatehouse left Ohio Bureau Chief Paul Kostyu go about a year, year and one-half ago, the SCPR announces today, that The Report will be doing reports on the doings of Stark County legislators in Columbus.

Periodically, the SCPR will be making trips to Columbus to go one-on-one with Stark County's legislators from their offices in Columbus.

For the most part, The Report will be posing questions to area legislators and attending local public events they participate in.  Also, The Report gets many tips from readers which will serve as a springboard for the SCPR to delve into particular matters in great detail.

Today's report will focus on a piece done by the Akron Beacon Journal's Dennis Williard (the ABJ still has a statehouse reporter) on how enriching it is to be a state senator.

The Report garnered the essence of the Willard report and sent this email to Republican state Senator Kirk Schuring (the 29th), to wit:


As you will note in reading Schuring's response through legislative aide Rachel Near is that the Senator avoids a key part of the questions presented:

What is Senator Schuirng doing to solve the the "Ohio budget gap" of $851 million?

The SCPR has followed up with Ms. Near repeating the question.

This blog will be updated when The Report gets an answer.

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