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Zero tolerance enforcement reduces Canton crime by 14%

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Double-digit decline brings crime rate below 2004 levels

By Adam Herman
Released/Published: Feb 23, 2009

CANTON, Ohio — Mayor William Healy released statistics this week that indicate the city saw a 14% reduction in crime during his first year in office as a result of his administration’s “zero tolerance” crime policies.  Healy said the statistics are an indication that the administration’s aggressive police efforts are having their intended effect.  ... . (emphasis added). staff writer
Posted Dec 29, 2009 @ 12:15 AM
Last update Dec 29, 2009 @ 12:22 AM

Stark County’s homicide count is the highest it has been in five years. (emphasis added)

One Stark County Political Report reader terms Healy administration communications director Adam Herman as being the "Minister of Propaganda."

The SCPR's opinion of  Herman is not that brutal, but he certainly qualifies as a "spin artist."

Back in February Herman was trumpeting Healy's "tough guy - zero tolerance talk" as being the reason for a 14% crime drop.

On December 30, 2009 there is nary a word from Herman on a report by The Rep's Malcolm Hall showing a 100% increase in the homicide rate in Stark County

The Stark County coroner's office tells the SCPR that most of the increase came from the city of Canton:  eighty (80%) percent, mind you.

In an earlier blog on the "necessity" of Adam Herman as communications director to the Healy administration, the SCPR took the position that Herman should go as a part of a larger reduction in force in Canton city government for those slots which are "useful, but not essential."

The Report now makes a change of position.

The SCPR now believes that Herman is both "not useful and certainly not essential," and, perhaps - thirdly -  detrimental to the effective functioning (i.e. administration communications that citizens feel they can trust) of Canton government information services flowing from the 8th floor.  Moreover, The Report believes that Canton City Council president Allen Schulman has the right take on Herman, to wit:
"it is my informed view that Herman is a bully and a political hack for the Mayor. ... ."
Why would Canton taxpayers want to pay out over $70,000 for a person who appears to think it is his job to try to bully/spin journalists, government officials and, likely, members of the general public who ask Healy probing questions?

The Report believes that most Cantonians don't. 

However, will Healy hear them?

Not likely.

Cantonians are witnessing Mayor Healy orchestrating his own political demise.  Undoubtedly, he will keep Herman at his side to open and close the door as Healy walks out of City Hall for the final time!

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