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It's not a return phone call and it is a response to points that Ury selected, but Jeffrey Ury has "sort of" responded THE SCPR's Monday  bog reporting that Stark County commissioner Todd Bosley is on the brink of announcing a run for the Ohio House - 50th district.

Ury has issued what the SCPR deems to be a "press release," which the SCPR does not normally publish with out parsing.  Just ask Congressman John Boccieri.  The congressman has cut the SCPR off from his press releases because they get critically sliced and diced.

Since the SCPR has written the piece below on Ury/s being incommunicado  in terms of responding to The Report's telephone call, yours truly has chosen to make an exception and publsh Ury's email.

However, The Report expects Ury to return the phone call so there can be a back and forth on points The Report wants to explore.

Thank you for contacting me regarding Todd Bosley as a possible candidate for the 50th District house seat.   As you mentioned, Todd and I had spoken about it on Sunday afternoon.   I respect Todd being upfront with me about his intentions and his meeting with Speaker Budish.  As Todd has said, he is still weighing his options.   I am confident that he will make his decision based on what’s best for him and his family. 

Regarding your comment that I will “Step Aside” if Todd runs, nothing could be further from the truth.   I began this campaign because the constituents of the 50th district deserve representation focused on job creation, economic recovery, and alternative school funding.   I do not believe Mr. Snitchler has supported any job creation legislation since being elected.   And, as you featured in one of your blogs, Todd Snitchler suggested at a tea party rally that Stark County should decline economic stimulus money targeted towards job creation.  As Mr. Bosley implied, he has been ineffective as a legislator.   By declaring as a candidate, I made a commitment to myself, my family, my supporters, and the constituents of the 50th district.  I fully intend to honor that commitment.   Todd and I are friends and have a great deal of respect for each other.    If he chooses to campaign for the 50th District, then we will look forward to a spirited primary process.   I believe the voters will benefit from two qualified candidates who share the same goals for the people of the 50th District.

Regardless of the outcome of a possible primary, the Democratic party will be united as we focus our efforts on gaining 50th District House seat and helping House Democrats continue their work fostering job creation and helping to move Ohio ’s economy forward.”

Thank You

Jeffrey Ury


Should Stark County commissioner Todd Bosley decide not to run for the Ohio House - 50th, petition pulling Jeffrey Ury (Democrat - Lake) is showing that he may not be suited to be a formidable candidate against Republican Todd Snitchler.

The SCPR broke the Bosley story on Monday and as part of doing the story endeavored to contact Ury.

 The Report has reason to believe that Ury got the message for a callback, but has not heard a word from him.

Apparently, Ury only talks with the media when it suits him.  Let something sour or controversial come up, and he is nowhere to be heard or seen.  A number of Stark County elected officials  have an arrogance about them that instructs them that they need not be accountable to the public.

While Ury is not yet an elected official, he has taken out petitions to run for a public office. Having done so, he has put himself under public scrutiny as to whether or not he has the qualities that recommend him for election.  His refusal to talk is "an early warning" that he blows off public inquiry when it does not suit him.

It seems to the SCPR that Ury doesn't want to take questions about how much weaker he is running in polling done by the Ohio House Democratic Caucus that shows him running fairly even with Sntichler but way behind Bosley.

It seems to the SCPR that Ury doesn't want to take questions about his difficulties in raising campaign funds in the face of the Caucus promising Bosley loads of money.

Well, if Bosley chooses not to run and Ury becomes the Democratic nominee; what questions will he choose not to answer then.

Well, if Bosely chooses not to run and Ury becomes the Democratic nominee and goes onto being elected, what questions will he choose not to answer then.

Despite the polling numbers, there are a number of folks in Stark County and in the 50th Ohio House district who do not like Todd Bosley for the positions he takes and his confident "can do" attitude.

But no one can say he won't take the hard questions.

Bosley may decide not to run for the 50th.  And, if he doesn't, Ury is likely the odds on favorite to be the Nominee.

But what kind of nominee will he be.

The SCPR has asked Todd Snitchler hard questions and has written unflattering blogs on him. 

Does this cause Snitchler to not take the SCPR's calls.

Indeed not.

Like Bosley, he does it right.  Snitchler faces up and takes on all comers.

Last month, the SCPR had a short conversation with Ury at the Marlboro candidates night.  He told yours truly how much  he enjoyed The Report's probing blogs on Snitchler.

So what's the message?

Snitchler is accountable, but Ury is not?

Ury, if he is to become the Democratic nominee, has a lot to learn about being a public figure and much, much more about being a candidate for public office!

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