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Sources of the SCPR have e-mailed yours truly directing my attention to Court of Common Pleas records (on file with Clerk of Courts Nancy Reinbold) showing Workers' Compensation and Withholding tax liens filed on Canton City auditor (since 2004) R.A. Mallonn's business Mallonn's, Inc.

Here is a link to the city auditor's website (CLICK HERE) where Mallonn explains his duties as auditor.

A check with the clerk's office on Wednesday, December 16, 2009,  shows that the liens have not nullified (as of last Wednesday) by a subsequent filing showing they have been paid.

R.A. (who is well known to The Report), runs a restaurant (grill and bar ) located on Tuscarawas in Canton.  Mallonn is a Democrat and his restaurant serves as a "watering hole" for many Canton and Stark County Democrat officeholders.

Being the public official Mallonn is, the liens warranted being checked out.

Previously, the SCPR has done a blog on Stark County commissioner Pete Ferguson regarding a foreclosure and a tax lien situation.


Because these kinds of matter raise in the public mind whether or not the public official, having trouble with personal/business matters, is up to doing the public's business.

The Report called Mallonn to discuss the liens.  At least one source had concerns about Mallonn being the city auditor and having tax liens to deal with on his business and what, if any, affect this combination had on his performance as auditor in light of the city of Canton's financial woes.

The Report found Mallonn to be totally open to answer any and all questions about the liens.

R.A. told The Report that he did not know about the existence of the liens.  He talked about the transition from the "old" Mallonn's to the "new" Mallonn's and, some communication problems and the like.  Moreover, he said he would have his attorney (Sam Ferruccio, Jr.) gather the information from the clerk's office and see to it that the liens got paid pronto.

Undoubtedly, some SCPR readers will be skeptical that Mallonn did not know about the liens.

The Report checked with the Ohio attorney general's office to learn whether or not it was possible that Mallonn did not know.  Here is the attorney general's office response:

So it is possible.

The SCPR believes him.  It is certainly arguable that he should have known.  But as the SCPR understands that he does not personally handle the books for the business.  Nevertheless, he told The Report that the "buck stops with him" and that he accepts full responsibility.

No one has come forth with any concrete information to The Report that suggests that the lien situation has any connection whatsoever with Mallonn's public office performance in terms of city finances.

One other thing came up in the interview.

It concerned a lawsuit filed against Freeway Tavern, Inc d/b/a Mallonn's Grill and Bar.

Here is a TMZ internet headline on the suit:

In legal parlance, the federal lawsuit (filed in the Northern District of Ohio) is over alleged Mallonn's Grill and Bar use of copyrighted music.

Mallonn says that his attorney is negotiating with the copyright owners to settle the lawsuit.

It is a policy of the SCPR to do blogs on public officials who appear in official Stark County or other governmental records as having this or that legal situation to deal with.

One of the points made in the Ferguson matter was that the candidate should have disclosed to the voting public that he was having the financial difficulties indicated by the foreclosure/lien filings, the reason therefor, and the remedial steps he was taking.

Once informed, then voters can make a determination as to how much of a factor the difficulties deserve in voting for or against a candidate.

Ferguson has refused to discuss these matters with the SCPR, which phenomenon (the refusal to discuss) The Report believes should be factored in by voters when Ferguson comes up for re-election in 2012.  The SCPR believes that public officials have a responsibility to give the public explanations on matters which bear on their ability to serve.

One has to wonder why Ferguson's opponent John Hagan did not flush Ferguson's legal difficulties out into the public.  Then again, knowing John Hagan, and his "unenergetic" (to put it nicely) way of campaigning because he was used to having a "safe seat," his failure is totally understandable.

One other thing about Ferguson.

He needs to take a page out of  the Mallonn book.  When the SCPR called Mallonn there was no avoiding, no stonewalling; he was willing to take all questions.

R.A. Mallonn was re-elected on November 6, 2007, well before the dates indicated on the legal proceedings which are the subject matter of this blog.  However, when R.A. runs again in 2011 he will have to account to voters for his legal difficulties so they are in a position to determine whether or not they are relevant to re-electing R.A.

To his credit, Mallonn revealed to the SCPR (a filing that The Report did not know about) that there was a lien filed against Mallonn's, Inc. in the Stark County recorder's office that had been recently satisfied (see graphic below:  Note - Mallonn says that he has not yet gotten around to filing the release, set forth below),

The SCPR thanks those sources who provided information on the Ferguson and Mallonn situations and encourages The Report readership to pass on information about other public officials of like kind to yours truly.

You can depend on the SCPR to dig in on the information provided.

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