Saturday, December 12, 2009


North Canton mayor David Held tells the SCPR that for all the hullabaloo about the "inadvertent" illegal dumping of street sweepings by North Canton at its rented site up on Freedom Avenue in Jackson Township; "by far"  the larger number of calls he has received from North Canton residents, have been calls"protesting" the denial, by North Canton Council president Daryl Revoldt - several weeks ago - of North Canton citizen Chuck Osborne his "free speech" rights on the dumping topic.

The SCPR blogged on the denial when it happened and called on Revoldt to rescind the muzzling and to apologize to North Cantonians, in general, and Osborne, in particular.

He has rescinded the "muzzling" of Osborne (see emal below from Council clerk Kalpac to Osborne sent yesterday.

Revoldt has explained to The Report that he gagged Osborne so as to prevent him from generating responses from Council members and administration officials which could result in huge penalties from other level government entities on account of the revelations that might have come forth from such a public discussion.

To the SCPR, whatever the motivation of Revoldt, there is never an occasion that justfies a preemptive strike at the heart of our democracy - free speech.

Accordingly, the SCPR calls on Revoldt, once again, to issue public apologies.

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