Wednesday, January 27, 2010


On December 7, 2009, the wife of a Massillon government official is alleged to have broken into and entered a Massillon business.

What did the Massillon Law Department do?
The evidence was reviewed by Canton city prosecutors to avoid any potential conflict with Massillon city officials. (emphasis added) (see The Rep, Chief's wife faces felony theft charge, January 25, 2009).

Such is exactly what Stark County prosecutor John Ferrero should have done when a politically connected Marlboro Township trustee turned in a politically connected police chief and his son into county officials (starting with Ferrero's office) for what was nothing more than a internal township administration misunderstanding back in January of 2009.

But he didn't.

No, he didn't.  Ferrero allowed a misunderstanding to turn in to felony charges.  Wow!

The SCPR believes that Ferrero's failure to refer the matter to an out of Stark County prosecutor for review  was utterly irresponsible. 

After Judge Lee Sinclair bounced Ferrero's chief prosecutor out on his flimsy case after he had put on his case (folks, Dennis Barr got "slam dunked), one would have thought Ferrero would have made a public apology for his miscalculations.

But he didn't.

Accordingly, Stark County voters should be biding their time to send Prosecutor Ferrero a message come November, 2012,

What message?

"We are voting you out of office because we don't think you are qualified - in the ethical sense of the job - to be county prosecutor."  That's the message!

Ferrero is likely banking on the notion that all will be forgotten over time.

But it won't be.

The SCPR will continue to bring the Ferrero failure to public attention in relevant contexts.

An unrepentant Prosecutor John Ferrero should not continue to be the county prosecutor.

What he allowed to happened to the chief and son under his watch is fair warning to us that such could happen to any one of us.

Indeed, accountability is in order come November, 2012!!!

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