Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The SCPR has learned that the Stark County Republican Party executive committee has rejected the bid of former Stark County commissioner Jane Vignos to replace Curt Braden as one of two GOP representatives on the Stark County Board of Elections (BOE).

The Report has also learned that last night's session held at the Hampton Inn out in the Belden Village area was packed.

But after the "private" vote (interesting inasmuch as public dollars are paid to the person selected to serve on the BOE), Braden will remain according to a SCPR source.

The Report's source, a person who wanted to see a change, says that going in - proponents of terminating Braden  - knew it was a stacked deck (created by Braden and party chairman Jeff Matthews) in favor of the former Stark GOP chairman. 

The SCPR was told that many Stark County Republicans (most of whom are not on the executive committee) want diversity in the make up of the organized Stark Republicans and that local Republicans are tired of losing countywide.  According to the SCPR's source, many Repubicans blame Braden and Matthews and their uninspired leadership which they believe has lead to the decline of the party.

With Braden of North Canton's second Ward remaining on the board, North Canton Republicans dominate the county Republican organization.  The second member William Cline and party chairman Jeff Matthews are from North Canton.

Vignos' loss probably means the end of a storied political career.  The Report understands that she has long wanted to be a member of the Stark BOE.

Will all the trouble that Stark Democrats are inflicting on themselves these days, they can take comfort that they will likely continue to dominate countywide offices for the foreseeable future given the turn of events at last night's Republican conclave.

The SCPR believes that the Stark County Young Republicans offer the only hope for Stark Republicans that more Republicans will be elected across Stark County in the immediate future.

Todd Snitchler (state representative - the 50th), Mark Butterworth (Canton councilamn - 8th Ward) and Scott Hawes (Plain township trustee) are in office, in large part, because of the efforts of Stark's Young Republicans.

An overarching question remains.

How long will Braden et al  allow the GOP youngsters to flourish?  The YR's make the overall Stark Republican organization look moribund.  Will the Braden and Matthews egos abide being shown up much longer?

The SCPR believes that the Braden victory last night was "a last hurrah" for Braden and his friends remaining in power within the Stark GOP.

The Report projects that younger leadership will take hold soon among Stark Republicans and do a takeover of the Stark GOP.

Then and only then will the Stark Republican Party be competitive countywide once again!

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