Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It has not been a good past several weeks for North Canton Coumcilman Jeff Davies.  Recently, he has faced allegations that he had made offensive statements to several North Canton government officials which Law Director Han Hilges reportedly has found to be meritless.

And now,  he is in a "chicken fight."

The latest debacle of Davies is his being the prime sponsor of "chicken control" legislation that is set to pass North Canton City Council next Tuesday when Council meets again.

A couple of Davies' 3rd ward constituents complained to Davies sometime ago about another ward constituent, Barbara Benson, keeping chickens at her 716 Penny Street, SE address.  Chickens?  Yes, six of them.
So Councilman Jeff went into action on two constiuents' complaints  and now Council finds itself engulfed in chicken feathers.  The Report takes Council's preoccupation with chickens to be a "laughable" situation.

Regulating the number of chickens one may have in North Canton, really?  A chronic problem, really?

The original legislation limited the chickens to four in number.  But when North Canton officials learned that chickens are sold in lots of a minimum of six (for group warming purposes) and in order to appear to be "the great compromisers," then changed the number to six.

Mayor David Held has told The Report he thinks Council's obsession with the chicken issue is ridiculous and, moreover,  reportedly, at least one Councilperson agrees with Held, but does not have the courage to speak out.

Note in viewing the video below, that citizen Benson makes the point that neither Davies nor any other North Canton government official ever contacted her in an effort to mediate the neighborhood dispute over her harboring of chickens.

Apparently, Davies feels he has no obligation to Benson and her family in terms of his public duties.

So now comes the question of enforcing the soon-to-be chicken regulation.

Will North Cantonians be witnessing Councilman Davies spying on citizen Benson to determine whether she has gotten a 7th chicken or more?

Will North Cantonians  be seeing "7th Chicken Wanted 'Dead or Alive'" posters spread throughout The Dogwood City?

Davies, in the discussion Monday night, seemed intent on riding herd on Ms. Benson and her chickens.  He appealed in the meeting to citizens coming forward with information should Benson or any other North Cantonian violates the chicken ordinance.

All this is going on while North Canton faces financial crises.

On Monday night, Council decided to put a levy for street repairs and for emergency medical services on the May primary ballot.  In today's financial and economic climate getting even minimal levies passed is a herculean task.  North Canton lost on a 1 mill increase levy request in November, 2009.

If these levies do not pass, 2011 will put North Canton in crisis financial mode on street repairs and ambulance services.

One would think that Davies et al would be devoting their energies and time to pushing for passage of the revenue measures and not klutzing around with chicken legislation.

One final note.

Citizen Benson seemed to challenge Davies' re-election likelihood.

Well, the SCPR believes that was an empty gesture.


Well, look at Davies' 2009 race.

Can you believe it?

Davies ran unopposed.

So where was Barbara Benson when it came to rounding up a candidate to run in 2009?

Is her message that she doesn't care about competitive government until her chicken roost is threatened?

The SCPR would be far more impressed with the likes of Benson if they get involved in local government and make sure that no election for any office goes uncontested.

Here is the promised video of Monday night's chicken fight!

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Former Pup said...

LOL Martin....N. Canton council is having a chicken fight. Canton council last year was concerning itself with goose poop. What is it with these folks and barnyard animals??? Can we not start worrying about things of importance....say budgets and protecting citizens?