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 UPDATE:  01/23/2010  9:30 AM

Very sad attempt the volunteers from the pound made to save the Dog wardens job on the Rep. 

They went from sidestepping the woman who got mauled to making fun of peoples spelling and not to mention downing the commissioners for doing there job.

The question is for the commissioners now do you really need this type of organization within the pound anymore?

I find it absolutely disgusting that Mr. Gibson is being treated this way, especially by his "friends".  He has done more for that pound than any Warden in years past.  
It is unfortunate for the animals that the staff that actually handles them can do basically anything they want without the threat of being fired because of their Union affiliation.  
How many violations does it take to relieve a Deputy of his duties?  All it takes is Evertt (sic) having a "big mouth"?  I am extremely disappointed with our Commissioners. 
I hope they remember, what goes around, comes around....sometime around election time. 
Jill Kirsch 

UPDATE:  01/22/2010 - 5:30 PM

Two emails received by the SCPR of supporters of Warden Gibson and the operations of the Stark County Dog Pound:


Toy's for the dog's is a good idea but the Deputies are not the ones who take care of the dog's all day it is Mike Evans the Assistant pounds keeper. The towels that I saw in the cages are doing more harm then good by collecting bacteria and disease those cages where made to move waste and urine THROUGH down the drain not hold it. If your going to tell the story please get it right the Deputies clean 1 time in the morning and then they are gone all day and the pound is left to the Assistant pounds keeper and Pounds keeper.

Now I would think the toy's should be in the cages during the day as long as the person who is taking care of them is watching because at night when unsupervised dogs tend to get a bit upset that no one is around and the chance of then chewing and swallowing the toy is greater. My suggestion is if ...  is doing his job then there should be no problem with the dogs.

Again I don't see where this is the Deputies fault,Maybe people don't understand the difference so I will help.

Deputies clean in the morning then leave to do there job on the road.

Pounds Keeper and Assistant Pounds keeper stay in the pound to handle the costumers and take care of the dog's there, The Deputies come back at the end of the day from what I observed.




Hi Martin,  

I read today's post about the dog warden situation with dismay.  

Whether a person has a "big mouth" seems to be irrelevant as it concerns the issue of dealing with the number of unwanted animals.  

Dismissing a person from a position that has statistically reduced the euthanasia rate from 50% (under previous warden Wright) to 16% (2009 figure) seems to me more important than a person's poorly chosen remark, if indeed he even said it.

Karen L. Kirsch
Freelance Writer 


The Stark County Political Report has confirmed with Stark County dog warden Evert Gibson that he has been issued an ultimatum by the Stark County Commissioners (via county administrator Mike Hanke) that he has until January 27, 2010 to resign or be fired.

As readers of the SCPR know, The Report launched an investigation of Gibson handling of the Stark County Dog pound after receiving numerous complaints of how he is managing the operation of the pound.

The Report understands that the commissioners have been working with Gibson for a number of years to resolve his management style deficiencies, but commissioners now have come to the point that they think there is no resolving Gibson's shortcomings at the pound.

One supporter of Gibson has pointed out to the pound that while Gibson may have some management style problems, he has dramatically improved conditions for the dogs housed at and processed through the pound during his administration.

While Gibson did confirm to the SCPR the ultimatum, he would not say what his reaction will be.

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Marc said...

Maybe Gibson should run for County Commissioner, you don't see them saving the county proportionate to what Mr. Gibson did ($150,000) and they don't like his management style. Other than the money he saved, what makes him any different than them?

Interesting timing given Mr. Bosley now has an inside man in Mr. Boron - coincidence? My guess is Mr. Boron was spying for Mr. Bosley and Bosley felt like they had enough dirt to bag the dog catcher...anyone remember Mr. Bosley's treasurer when he campaigned for commissioner? anyone? Buehler? None other than Carlene (Boron) Harmon? Hardly a coincidence.