Thursday, January 21, 2010


A few weeks back Canton City Council president Alan Schulman grilled Mayor Willaim J. Healy, II for keeping the "useful - to Healy, but not necessary" Communications Director Adam Herman in employment in the light of the administration laying off firefighters.

After the meeting, according to a source who says she witnessed the exchange, additional words of the 4-letter variety flew between Schulman and Healy.

Healy reportedly told Schulman to never, never again embarrass him in public.

Another source tells the SCPR that as insurance that Schulman will never again humiliate him publicly over Herman, Healy let it be known to the council president that should he ever again make Herman an issue that Healy would terminate Herman as communications director but not to leave city employment.

No, Herman would remain as the chief of Canton's Management Information System (MIS) department.

All this makes sense to the SCPR.

Recently, The Report sent Herman a email question about who (in terms of a name and a phone number) could yours truly talk to in order to get more information about a media report that Perry Township trustees were talking with Canton officials about Canton providing dispatching services to the township.

Here, in part, was Herman's response:

As readers can see, it is a typical Herman "smart a_ _" comment that he apparently learned in Columbus when he was a assistant communications person with the Ohio Democratic House Caucus.

Readers will also recall that Healy was a short time (after having ousted fellow Democrat and now Councilperson Mary Cirelli back in 2004) a state representative.  This connection between Healy and Herman may be the explanation as to why Healy is fanatically loyal to Herman and will never, ever allow Council or Schulman to browbeat him into letting Herman go.

For a little more history on Herman the SCPR did a little googling on him because yours truly was reminded by Pat DeLuca of "Deluca in the Morning" - Q92 that Herman emails had surfaced in the former attorney general Marc Dann brouhaha that resulted in Dann's resignation not long after taking office in January, 2007.

By the way, you can hear yours truly on Deluca's show next Thursday at 9:05 a.m. at 92.5 on your FM dial.

Back to Herman:

It seems that Herman in talking (via email) with some Dann administration folks, thought it would be therapeutic that people swear in the workplace.

Here is part of the email:


Sounds like a fine crowd we have at Canton City Hall, doesn't it!


Marc said...

Why would Healy need Schulamn to embarass him when Healy can do it on his own?!

And frankly if you're worried about being embarassed publicly why would you run for office?

A Resident of Zero Toleranceville said...

So if Herman is only the IT guy for the city, wouldn't there still be plenty for Schulman and the public to embarrass Healy/Herman about... just take a look at the pitiful state of the City's web pages right now. Don't they fall under Herman?