Friday, April 30, 2010


The SCPR has learned that the Stark County commissioners have completed all of their interviews of the four candidates to replace former Stark County Dog Warden Evert Gibson who was dismissed by commissioners earlier this year.

The four  interviewed were:
  • Regan Tetreault of Baltic, Ohio.  Tetreault is the current dog warden in Holmes County.
  • Steven Chapman of East Sandwich, Massachusetts.  Chapman has a strong law enforcement background in animal control and animal inspection.
  • Cynthia Harris of North Lawrence, OH with experience working in an animal hospital.
  • Jamie Hicks, a graduate of Walsh University of North Canton.  Hicks has worked in a couple spay/neuter clinics, an animal rescue clinic, an animal hospital setting and a kennel.
The Report is led to believe that commissioners will make their selection at their next regular meeting, Wednesday, May 5, 2010.

In addition to direct experience working with canines, The Report understands that commissioners were looking for personnel management skills and interpersonal skills in terms of being able to connect with the Stark Countians who use Pound services.  Moreover, they want someone who can work with dogs in an effective and caring manner.

Originally there were some 127 applicants which were narrowed down to six by the Dog Pound Advisory Board.  But two of the finalists bowed out at the interview stage.

A question that only will be answered with the hiring of a warden and time on the job is whether or not the commissioners have resolved a troublesome situation for them.

On time will tell.

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