Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A NEW TYPE OF "RINO?" Renacci In Name Only?

The Stark County Political Report is told that it may "appear" that 16th District Republican congressional candidate Jim Renacci has the Stark County vote wrapped up, buy that such is not the case.

The reality, a source is telling The Report, is that Stark County Republican chairman Jeff Matthews and his minions at party headquarters are putting the political squeeze on Stark Republicans to demonstrate their allegiance to Matthews' choice (Jim Renacci) by supporting his events and making contributions to his campaign.

Fair enough.  That's just politics, no?

But, the source goes on, the truth of the matter is that many of these folks, when it comes to the secrecy of the voting booth, will mark an "X" by the name Matt Miller.


So the message seems to be that Jim Renacci is in for a big surprise come the early morning hours of May 5, 2010.

Wow!  Really?

The SCPR's take on Matthews et al is that they think Miller is too conservative and rigid in appearance and demeanor to defeat Democrat John Boccieri.  Stark Republicans were humiliated when Boccieri steamrolled Stark Republican and Ohio senator Kirk Schuring in Stark alone by about 15 percentage points.

Schuring's problem was that he ran at the wrong time.  2008 was a Democratic year - just plain and simple.

2010 is a different kind of year.  The SCPR believes that if Schuring were the candidate this year, he would have the best chance of any 16th district Republican to defeat Boccieri.  But he's not and the GOP is left with Renacci, Miller, Smith and Schiffer.

Renacci is a sophisticated businessman who has big money and Madison Avenue marketing techniques, and RNCCC backing (in a presumptive sense) in his bag of political tricks to take out Boccieri.

And there are signs that Renacci, in his own mind, has already won the Republican primary and is already focusing on Democrat Boccieri.

Just last week, yours truly's wife (a registered Democrat and an elected member of the Stark County Educational Service Center), received a mailing from Renacci asking for her support.  Moreover, Renacci is said to be billing himself as running against John Boccieri.out in the campaign hustings.

But Miller supporters believe that Renacci is engaging in an exercise of fooling himself.  They think that while 16th district Republicans are being told that the only way for Republicans to take back the "Regula seat" is to support a candidate who matches John Boccieri in "spit and polish," and that this message  "appears" to be taking; the truth of the matter is that the "hearts" of the "apparent" Renacci supporters are with Miller and thus the big surprise come May 5th.

Hence, there you have it folks.

A new manifestation of the acronym R.I.N. O.

Many Stark County Renacci supporters are "Renaccis In Name Only!"

Interesting, no?

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