Friday, April 23, 2010


There is sort of a running battle in North Canton between North Canton Council (via spokesman Council president Daryl Revoldt) and citizen Chick Osborne who is a former North Canton councilman.

The SCPR has a bias in favor of folks like Osborne who courageously dig into the bowels of government (in this case, North Canton government) looking for errors in the implementation of policy and practices.

In Osborne's case, he  frequently uses the public forum at Council meetings to reveal his findings and advocate for corrective action.

The Report thinks that the Chuck Osbornes of Stark County provide a valuable public service and commends them for upholding the responsibility of every citizen to participate in  the activities of our institutions of government.

Osborne believes that Council treats him unfairly compared to other North Canton citizens who avail themselves of the public forum to address Council and Mayor David Held's administration on various issues.

Council and Held obviously disagree with Osborne and have told The Report that, from their perspective, they are more than fair to Osborne.

The SCPR has written a number of blogs presenting Osborne's side of the story.

In this blog, The Report presents the North Canton government's view (at least Council's view, assuming that Revoldt speaks for all of Council as he seems to be doing in the accompanying video. 

Here is a video of a recent North Canton Council meeting in which Council president Revoldt "advises" Osborne on how to be more effective.

View and listen to "Professor" Revoldt.  

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