Monday, April 5, 2010


Back on March 10, 2010 Craig T. Conley (a local attorney who was the lead person in the Vote No Increased Taxes Committee) wrote a letter (see full text in accompanying video below) to the Stark County Commissioners asking certain questions of the commissioners.

Conley faxed a copy of the letter to The Repository and sent it by snail-mail to the SCPR.  Who took up the cause of his letter?  The Repository or the SCPR?

Of course, The Report.

At commissioners meeting last Wednesday, The Report asked commissioners to respond to the Conley letter.  The video below, contains the commissioners' responses (Bosley did not make one on camera, but only inquired as to whether or not Conley serves on the Citizen Review Committee).

Off camera, Bosley confirmed what appeared to be his on-camera contribution a la Ferguson:  "let the Citizen Review Committee deal with it."

Not only did The Repository not do anything with Conley's letter, even though The Report's question was asked during the meeting, The Rep failed to publish anything on the letter in its coverage of the meeting.

The SCPR notices that The Repository as a matter of course seems to give Repository readers the short-shrift on what actually transpires at the weekly commissioner meeting.  For instance, Kevin Ellis of Louisville who made a important plea to commissioners to do something about a long standing flooding problem in Louisville/Nimishillen Township was totally ignored by The Rep in its publication of contents of the meeting.

Now don't you suppose Louisville/Nimishillen Township residents would be interested in the Ellis presentation?

If they are, it appears that they will have to come to the SCPR to get their information.  Moreover, it is becoming apparent that Stark Countians who want more thorough coverage of coverage of the weekly meeting will have to get it from the SCPR.

Here is the video on the Ferguson an Meeks responses to the Conley letter.

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