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 UPDATE 07/09/2010 AT 11:30 AM - BOSLEY #2
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A quote from Todd Snitchler about House Bill 360

The bill received sponsor testimony in committee and has not been called to another hearing (despite our request for more attention to the bill). Todd Snitchler

In response to Mr. Snitchlers House Bill 360

The truth about HB 360 is as follows: It was such an awful and poorly written bill that it was opposed by both Union and non union workers alike! It did not receive a second hearing because no one supported it.

Here is my take on why Todd Snitchler has failed as a State Representative. He knows Ohio needs jobs, but does not understand how to get them here. He wants to gut the budgets of schools, libraries, and infastructure (sic) projects not understanding that companies assess these factors before deciding where to locate their businesses. If company employees can’t send their children to schools, and the libraries are closing and the roads to get to either are falling apart, they aren’t bringing their business to Ohio!

And since Mr. Snitchler challenged my knowledge on House Bill 360, I would like to issue a challenge to him. I would like know the top 3 bills he has sponsored (not Co-sponsored) which are now law and how they directly effect the people of the 50th District.

In closing, why do we have to wait until the Fall to debate? I challenge you to debate me on the Ron Ponder Show this month (July)! Will you accept?


Todd D. Bosley
Your Stark County Commissioner

 UPDATED 07/07/2010 AT 5:00 PM - SNITCHLER #2

The SCPR presents state Representative Todd Snitchler's (R - Lake)  reply to Stark County Commissioner Todd Bosley (D - Marlboro).  The Report will published the back and forth between the two candidates for the 50th Ohio House District seat which includes Marlboro, Nimishillen, Osnaburg, Sandy, Sugarcreek, Tuscarawas, part of Perry, Lawrence and Lake Townships.

As long as the candidates are willing to go back and forth the SCPR gladly provides the space on The Report.

The Report thanks each of the candidates for illuminating 50th District voters on the issues that they should consider in voting for either Snitchler or Bosley.

Here is Snitchler's response to Bosley #1.

Martin –
            Good afternoon.  I read with interest Mr. Bosley’s comments on my proposed legislation (HB 360) to give a tax credit to both union and non-union workers.  I was interested, because he failed to comment on the legislation I actually introduced and its merits and instead chose to distort and misrepresent my actual record on several other bills.  Let me make sure you and your readers have the facts and not the cherry picked distortions of my record which it seems may be an indication of the tone of Mr. Bosley’s coming campaign.

                Let me be clear: I did vote against HB 1 (the state’s budget) which increased NEW fees and taxes by more than $1 billion, payable by those same working people who because of the state of Ohio’s economy are already struggling to make ends meet.  That would include both union and non-union people.  Mr. Bosley claims my “no” vote would result in 18,000 union teacher layoffs and that I voted to deny collective bargaining rights to home care providers because those provisions were included in the same budget bill.  Frankly, I don’t view the budget bill or people as “union” and “non-union” as it seems, based on his comments, he does.  HB 360 reflects that I support ALL working people, not just those who have contributed heavily to my campaign.

The budget in addition to its new fees and taxes also included the Governor’s education reform plan, which came with a multibillion dollar price tag and no way to pay for it.  Because of the inadequate funding for the Governor’s plan (more than two years in the making), it is being slowly implemented over the next decade.  School districts already have no way to pay for the mandates being imposed from the first year and are already seeking waivers from ODE from the plan requirements because they have no way to pay for the mandates.  Cutting state investment for education for the first time since the DeRolph decision – as was done under HB 1 – is not something I support.  I did not and will not vote yes on a state budget where there are billions in unfunded mandates on local schools and no means to pay for the spending.  Perhaps that is step one to solving the school funding problem we face in Ohio
I can only surmise from Mr. Bosley’s comments that he would have voted for the budget, and therefore vote once again for tax increases on the people of Ohio - including all union and non-union workers.  I think all voters should be mindful of both candidate’s actual positions on tax and fee increases when they cast a ballot this fall knowing that the looming budget is going to be incredibly difficult.  We each have a very clear track record on that question.
As for HB 400, which Mr. Bosley wrongly states I introduced, this bill would seek to make Ohio competitive with the other 9 states who operate without a state income tax.  So while Mr. Bosley may want to argue the “straw man” of HB 400 and the terrible “what if” scare tactics claiming it would specifically hurt organized labor members, I prefer to deal with the realities of the legislative process and the negative impact of bills that actually have passed and been signed into law by the Governor that hurt ALL the people of Ohio.
I have worked steadily on legislation that seeks to improve Ohio’s climate for jobs and families, ensuring that all Ohioans have the opportunity work and to succeed rather than play politics.  Ohio’s families are entitled to keep more of their money rather than send it to Columbus and hope for the best.  I trust people to make the right choices with their dollars; government should keep its hands out of their pocketbooks and wallets rather than reach in even deeper making it harder to succeed in these difficult economic times.  Further, I have also worked at the same time to limit government spending and get the size of government in check, protecting the people’s money sent to Columbus and trying to eliminate wasteful spending.  These goals are not mutually exclusive and I will continue to work on these issues going forward for as long as I have the privilege to serve.
Clearly, Mr. Bosley is confused about my position on these issues.  I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to have the people of the 50th District hear from both of us and see the stark contrast in their choice for State Representative this fall.  I think the differences between the candidates are and will be very clear to voters.  Perhaps when debates are scheduled this fall, and I welcome them, people will attend and hear directly from each of us.   I welcome the opportunity to answer people’s questions truthfully, face to face, rather than have voters get spoon fed distortions and spin.
 Best –
Todd A. Snitchler

UPDATED:  07/07/2010 AT 7:21 AM - BOSLEY #1

Stark County Commissioner and 50th District Ohio House candidate Todd Bosley replies to Todd Snitchler (Bosley's Republican opponent who is the incumbent in the 50th) on who is better suited to representing working men and women issues coming before the Ohio General Assembly, to wit:

Dear Martin,
Mr. Snitchler must have forgotten about his past voting record or is just not being honest with you and your readers.  He not only voted to lay off 18,000 Union teachers, but he has introduced HB400, which (if enacted) would lay off tens of thousands of Ohio union workers – from firemen to janitors to teachers to police officers.  He also voted against the state budget, which expanded collective bargaining rights for homecare workers. Mr. Snitchler has been anything but pro-Union. Mr.Snitchler makes a habit of misrepresenting himself by speaking one way about an issue and voting in direct contradiction to his words.  
Todd D. Bosley
Stark County Commissioner

The SCPR cannot imagine in wildest dreams that Stark County trade unions would support Republican state Representative Todd Snitchler of Lake Township.(Ohio's 50th House District).

But Snitchler thinks he deserves a look see.

And maybe he does.

Snitchler could have helped himself big time by attending the "Justice for Local Workers" last Thursday.  His opponent Democrat Todd Bosley didn't and probably because he thinks he has the East Central Ohio Building and Trades (ECOB&T)  group is in the bag for him.   ECOB&T represents the organized carpenters, plumbers, electricians, ironworkers and sheetmetal artisans of Stark County.

Below is an e-mail that the SCPR received from Snitchler as to reasons why the ECOB&T should take a look at him.  Competition is good for groups the the ECOB&T and perhaps they ought to be seinding Democrat Bosley a message for their own good.

The e-mail:  SNITCHLER #1


Martin –
                I heard about your blog posting today concerning Republicans apparent lack of interest in helping labor get jobs and recognize the importance of labor and blue collar workers in Stark County and Ohio.  I thought it would help if I shed some light on legislation I introduced to try and address one aspect of that issue.
                I along with Rep. Seth Morgan introduced HB 360, which would give a 5 year 100% income tax credit to all labor – union and open shops – where workers who secure journeyman status or higher according to the state of Ohio authorized training programs.  (This bill was in response to a similar measure introduced to make sure college graduates got a 5 year income tax credit.) Since not every student wants to go to college and their contributions to our economy and society are no less important, I wanted to reflect that fact in HB 360 and encourage ALL kinds of continuing education and skill development.
                The bill received sponsor testimony in committee and has not been called to another hearing (despite our request for more attention to the bill).  What is more, rather than just wait for action on it, I had HB 360 drafted as an amendment to HB 519, the casino enabling and job creation bill recently passed by the House and Senate.  I offered the amendment on the floor of the House in an effort to have it included in the bill.  Despite an explanation in my floor comments about why this amendment fit with the goals of HB 519 and would further encourage local employment AND increased job skills (and casino construction will obviously include trades people), the amendment was tabled along party lines with ALL Democrats voting against the pro-labor amendment.  That vote was against a bill that would help labor – both union and non-union.  As I believe I’ve heard you say before, this just might smack of partisan politics and unfortunately put political scorekeeping ahead of ideas that have the potential to positively impact Ohio’s labor force.
                With that said, I hope that labor and its members will look at the as actually being offered and the work being done to try and help encourage growth and development in the trades, rather than simply assume that party affiliation is indicative of where someone stands on these issues.  I think this example demonstrates that certain assumptions may not be exactly correct.
                I hope you had a great July 4th holiday.
Best regards -
Todd A. Snitchler
State Representative - 50th District
10689 Cleveland Avenue NW
Uniontown, OH 44685
330.305.1202 (fax)

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