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UPDATED 07/26/2010 AT 11:00 PM

Republican Alan Harold, who is opposing Democrat Auditor Kim Perez in November's election had the following statement in a press release provided to the SCPR this evening, to wit:

“Mr. Perez’s request to the prosecutor stinks of desperation and is ‘too little too late’”, states Auditor candidate Alan Harold. “This request could have been made at any point since the June 25 pleading by Mr. Frustaci and is only prompted by a deadline imposed by the counsel of a concerned tax payer.

“Mr. Perez has been asleep at the switch for too long in this matter and his credibility, much like his good friend Mr. Zeigler’s, has been seriously tarnished due to his inability to carry out his fiduciary responsibilities. Only at the behest of others, as with his failure to produce documents needed for the State Auditor, does Mr. Perez ever step to the plate.”


This morning the SCPR was critical in a blog about Auditor Perez' failure to adequately follow up when he knew or suspected problems in the Stark County treasury with regard to unaccounted for money.

The Report stands by that blog, however, this afternoon Auditor Perez is showing show signs of redeeming his prior failure.

Local attorney and citizen activist Crag T. Conley sent letters to Perez and the Stark County commissioners on July 22, 2010 asking them to request that Stark County Prosecutor John Ferrero take action "immediately" on the bonds of Stark County Treasurer Gary D. Zeigler for money missing from the treasury (nearly $3 million).  Recently, former Chief Deputy Vince Frustaci pled guilty in federal court to stealing $2.46 million of the larger amount.

Perez wrote a letter to Prosecutor Ferrero today requesting he take action.

Here is a copy of the letter.

The SCPR praises Perez for the action he has taken on Conley's request!!!

Conley also issued a memo to media praising Perez for moving forward on his request.

Here is a copy of the Conley accolade.

Action like this could be a "political lifesaver" for Perez.  Auditor Perez has a long track record of being the best vote getter among Stark County's elected Democrats.

Undoubtedly, he is hurt by his lethargic reaction to what Conley calls "Zeiglergate."

But as the saying goes:  "better late than never."

The SCPF will assess over the next three months as to whether or not Perez has acted soon enough to save his position as Stark County auditor.

As for Zeigler, what impact does the Perez initiative have on him other than the lawsuit himself?

It sets Zeigler up to be removed from office by the Stark County commissioners.  The SCPR believes commissioners will remove Zeigler with the only question remaining being the timing.

Before September 7th, the appointed Democratic successor will have to run in the November, 2010 election to defend the newly appointed post.

After September 7th, the appointed Democratic successor will have breathing space until November of 2012 to create a record for him/herself and extra time to campaign to retain the office.

Stark Countians can rest assured that the wheels are churning at Stark Democratic and Republican headquarters these days to figure out all the nuances of what The Report believes to be the coming Stark County commissioner removal of Zeigler.

If Stark's organized Democrats have their way, the removal will come after September 7th so they can appoint Commissioner Steven Meeks after he removes himself from the commissioner race with Republican Janet Creighton.

As The Report sees the Meeks move, it is either as The Report speculates or Meeks is going to have to go elsewhere to stay in public life.

The SCPR does not see him anywhere near defeating Creighton in what would clearly be a Stark County upset special!

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