Friday, July 16, 2010


Both Travis Secrest and Charlotte DiFranco are Stark County "public figures."

Secrest is executive director of the Stark County Republican Party and is running against Democrat incumbent state Representative in the 52nd House District which encompasses the City of Canton, Canton Township and the eastern most part of Perry Township.

DiFranco is the co-host with Stark County radio personality Pat DeLuca on The DeLuca Show on Q92 (Monday thru Friday).

However, each said that they were acting as ordinary citizens in being at the Stark County commissioners regular weekly meeting to give voice to their desire that Stark County Treasurer Gary D. Zeigler resign over his failure to prevent the theft of Stark County taxpayer money by former Chief Deputy Vince Frustaci.

Just as an aside, the SCPR inserts at this point of a blog a "qualification" by Zeigler lawyer Dennis Thompson of what exactly Furstaci's role and authority was while employed by Zeigler, to wit:

Interesting, no?

Back to Secrest and DiFranco.

The SCPR believes that Secrest was being more than a tad coy in asserting disassociation from his public roles and his presence at the commissioners' meeting.

The Report knows of at least one prominent Stark County Republican who has called Secrest's boss and urged Boss Matthews (chairman of the Stark County Republican Party) to go to a commissioners' meeting and ask each commissioner to sign a petition being circulated by the Stark GOP (made available from its website) asking Zeigler to step down.  Readers will remember that each commissioner has issued a press release calling for Zeigler's resignation.

The petition is a condition precedent to a legal action being filed in Stark County Common Pleas Court to compel Zeigler's departure.

A knowledgeable source who has been through a successful Stark County petition process tells the SCPR that there is no way the Republicans can succeed with their petition (given a severely cramped timeline) unless they have a dozen or more core people committed to the drive and scores of less committed persons.

In talking with Secrest, The Report does not get the impression that the drive has that kind of support.

Here is a video of Secrest and DiFranco speaking about their desire that Zeigler resign.

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