Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The SCPR has learned that civic activist and attorney Craig T. Conley sent a letter today to Stark County Prosecutor John Ferrero demanding that Ferrero file a lawsuit on bonds (2) and an insurance policy covering employee theft for the losses sustained by the Stark County treasury over the terms of Stark County Gary D. Zeigler's time in office.

Most ($2.46 million of nearly $3 million) but not all of the missing money was pilfered by former treasury Chief Deputy Vince Frustaci who pled guilty in the Northern District of the United States District Court on June 25, 2010; the day the federal government filed a Bill of Information against him.

Despite the appearance that the Frustaci generated loss has been known since Frustaci was fired, county officials still have not moved to recover the loss.  But for the efforts of Conley, it seems that Ferrero would not have moved to recover for taxpayers until after Frustaci is sentenced on September 7th.

The SCPR commends Attorney Conley for his pro bono (for the public good) work.  Stark Countians should be and are undoubtedly pleased with Conley's effort.  However, everyday citizens need to be contacting Prosecutor Ferrero with questions as to why he is resisting Conley's effort to get the recovery effort moving.

Here is a copy of Conley's letter to Ferrero.

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