Sunday, July 18, 2010


The Repository is simply unbelievable.

A law firm publishes a new website and it's news?


While many worthy Stark County news stories go uncovered, The Rep puts out "in effect" free advertising-esque pieces like this?

What is this anyway?

Per chance, did Publisher Kevin Kampman, Executive Editor Jeff Gauger or Managing Editor Don Detore meet up with one of the bigwigs from Day-Ketterer at a cocktail party, and, over cocktails, get the lowdown on the website and think to himself:  What wonderful Saturday fill piece an article on the new Day-Ketterer website would be?

The Rep managers allowing the Day-Ketterer website article in Saturday's online edition "as news" is insulting to  Stark County's newspaper reading public.

Such explains why yours truly hasn't subscribed to The Repository for almost all of the 35 years of living in Stark County.  The Rep, in the memory of yours truly, has never been first rate.  And it seems to keep dipping lower and lower every year.  After all, being a newspaper monopoly (Stark County's only countywide newspaper); what pressure or incentive is there to get better? 

No reflection on Day-Ketterer, mind you.  It is one of Canton's largest law firms whose attorneys do excellent work.  According to the website, it was founded by the distinguished William R. Day in 1872 who:
[M]ade history as the United States Secretary of State under President William McKinley who negotiated peace with Spain and signed the Treaty of Paris to end the Spanish American War 1898. He then served as a justice for four years on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and as an associate justice for 19 years on the Supreme Court of the U.S.
Had the staff writer done something like the SCPR has done with this blog (i.e providing information about the significance of William R. Day), The Rep's promotion of Day-Ketterer would have been a little newsy and therefore more palatable.

It seems little wonder why The Rep is struggling to keep afloat!

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