Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Blustery Republican John P. Hagan (who lost to Pete Ferguson on November 4th for a county commissioner post) bragged on Akron radio a week ago or so that he was going to do a “smack-down” (paraphrase) on Stark County Commissioner Todd Bosley’s plan for the county commissioners to impose a 1/4% sales/use tax increase in order to reform 9-1-1 while restoring sanity to the Stark County budget.

Well, in apparently chicken-esque fashion he didn’t show up at the December 22nd hearing. Will he show on December 29th? Probably not. As reported in a earlier piece by the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report), he was told to stay away by sitting commissioner Jane Vignos. Hagan can be assured that Bosley will be ready should he does show up at a scheduled December 29th hearing.

If there was any doubt in Hagan’s mind that Bosley would defend his plan and go on the offensive against opponents, all doubt vanished as Bosley dressed down former commissioner Richard Regula (whom Bosley defeated in November, 2006) on Regula’s timid appearance at the December 22nd hearing. Regula was not objecting to the Bosley plan on the condition it ultimately be approved by voters.

Bosley chastised Regula for his half-hearted support for the plan inasmuch as Regula failed to act to reform 9-1-1 and shore up county finances during Regula’s four years as commissioner.

The moral of this story is that proven political cowards do not belong in the same ring with Commissioner Todd Bosley.

In The Report’s estimate both John P. Hagan and Richard Regula are cowardly types who have no leadership ability whatsoever and need to vanish from the Stark County political scene.

if the Stark County Republican Party cannot do better than this duo, it is in for a long, long time as a minority party countywide in Stark County.

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Anonymous said...

I hear that Regula has third degree tongue lashing burns from Bosley; I also heard Regula was abruptly and harshly sat down and told he had 4 years as a commissioner to fix 911 along with the county financial problems and was told to his face how he was a total failure as a commissioner!

You are right, I am told Hagen was to big of a coward to even show his face, but than again like every one of the Stark GOP rooster's, they crow alot but when confroted go hide in the chicken coupe with the rest of the chickens! None of them have a spine so it is to be expected!