Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Outstanding news for Stark County as reported in The Repository (12/29/2008).

Massillon's Mayor Francis H. Cicchinell, Jr., William Healy, II (Canton's mayor), Mayor David Held of North Canton and Louisville Mayor Cynthia Kerchner have gotten together to form the Stark County Mayors Association to work out mutual problems and to spur economic development.

Remaining Stark County mayors have been invited to join in.

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has long cherished the notion of Stark Countians working together to rebuild Stark County into a strong, economically viable and thriving community.

The Report sees this development as a complement to the efforts of Stark County Commissioners Todd Bosley, Tom Harmon and, now retiring, Jane Vignos efforts at Stark County rejuvenation.

Though times are now tough in Stark County, collaborations like these are harbingers of a better future for all Stark Countians.

Hats off! to the forward looking chief executives!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL, can you even imagine the egos in that room? My first question is, especially since we are in the middle of winter, is when will they be taking their "fact finding" trip to Mexico in an "effort" to bring new business to Stark County? Healy already has lead the way on this one .....

Anonymous said...

Admittedly, public officials are better known for their anathema when it comes to governance or decision making. Government has become more oligarchic than at any time in its past history. We have no one to blame other than ourselves. Other countries have solved this dilemma but that should be the topic of a whole new thread.
We should hardly be critical, however, when our public officials make an honest effort at improving our economically devastated county. Implementing discussions among our Heinz 57 varieties of political subdivisions, may seem comical at first blush, but certainly can't hurt.
It may even lead to the limiting of some of the numerous examples of duplication of services within our county. They may even broach the topic of how fiefdoms are counterproductive to our very survival in an ever threatening and competitive global economy that demands our frugalness and tenacity in everything we do.
The sooner we look toward a business-style, merger and/or acquisition type of government, on a countywide or regional scale, the more chance we have of surviving the hardships, yes and even opportunities, that an ever shrinking global enterprise will unveil. We have to divorce ourselves of these wasteful, duplicative, self-serving city/village/township entities.
What Healy and others are doing is a good first step in a positive direction. I see nothing wrong with extending these same lines of communication to other countries as well. Mexico may make even more sense given its proximity geographically and their being a part of NAFTA. Further, it is my understanding that Mayor Healy already has formed a good line of communication with some influential Mexican government officials. Please explain why we should look negatively at such efforts?

Anonymous said...

Well, first politicians do NOT create REAL jobs, business folks with the desire to MAKE $$$$$ investments are the only ones that create REAL jobs .... politicians never have, never will. Plus, the overall business climate (all things conseidered - taxes, unions, natural resource costs, etc) ranks Ohio in the BOTTOM 5 states in which to relocate or make a solid business investment.

Unless this group is willing to CUT taxes and create infrastructure for sustainable business, their little trips to Mexico to "press flesh" appear to be nothing more than paid vacations.