Saturday, December 20, 2008


On December 19th (yesterday), state Senator Kirk Schuring registered a "for the people" complaint to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) on the AEP/Ohio Power request for a 52% (residential)/62% (commercial/industrial) rate increase over the next three years.

Schuring is late as evidenced by the timetable in which the PUCO has been taking testimony since October.

See his strong letter to the PUCO by clicking here.

Truly, it is "better late than never."

Who are some of the notable Stark County "nevers" (in terms of speaking up for the people on the proposed rate increase) among our public officials.

First and foremost, a key player as Public Utilities Committee (Ohio House) chair Republican John P. Hagan. Hagan is a true hypocrite of the greatest magnitude. He failed the people of Stark County by not putting more restraints on the size of rate increase requests as chairman in Senate Bill 221. Yet he strains at 1/4% increase in the county sales/use tax to fix 9-1-1 and keep Stark County solvent.

Second, state Rep and Republican Scott Oelslager (51st). A man who brags about being in the Ohio legislature for better than 20 years but has relatively little to show for it. To expect "Mr. Establishment" himself to fight for everydays is bit much. Oelslager is running true to form.

Third, Republican Todd Snitchler, newly elected in the 50th district. The Ohio Chamber of Commerce and our local Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce have taken a "Pontius Pilate" stance on the requested increase therefore one wouldn't expect, perhaps, the strongest chamber of commerce type - to be - in the entire Ohio House to come out for everyday people and businesses. Only, and only if the Ohio Chamber of Commerce gives its blessing will Snitchler speak out.

Fourth, Democrat Stephen Slesnick. Some Canton union officials have told the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) that Slesnick cannot be depended on to look out for ordinary Ohioans even though his district is largely made up of working class people.

Fifth, Democrat Mark Okey. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Sixth, Democrat state Senator John Boccieri is probably preoccupied with learning to be Congressman Boccieri that he has forgotten that Stark Countians voted for him by a substantial 57% to 42% margin. How's that for "what have you done for me lately?"

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