Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The Repository, in the opinion of the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) feeds Stark County negativity.

A week ago today an editorial writer at The Rep wrote an editorial that was not helpful to Stark County digging itself out of its economical/financial hole.

Stark County's commissioners have demonstrated to The Report that they want and facilitate public input on all matters. For the specific editorial writer to imply (by encouraging the commissioners to listen to Stark Countians in multiple ways) that such is not the case, is proof-positive that the writer and, perhaps, the whole body of the editorial room folks at The Rep are out-of-touch with how the commissioners relate to everyday Stark Countians.

Moreover, for editorialist to advocate for a "renewable" tax increase, if the commissioners decide to impose one, is the epitome of short sightedness. As The Report has said before, "Oh yes, improve 9-1-1 only to have it subject to being dismantled because the public will not vote for a renewal" (given Stark County's historical anti-tax attitude) is not having very much of a grip on Stark County's political realities.

The AKRON Beacon Journal - on the other hand - does get it and its editorial board does a splendid job articulating upon and supporting (as seen in the accompanying graphic which only has the first paragraph of the editorial) the "bold and creative local leader[ship] that Commissioner Todd Bosley has brought to the commissioners' office.

So it seems that for encouragement these days, Stark Countians ought to be going online to www.ohio.com rather that www.cantonrep.com.

That's how The Report sees it. How do you see it?

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Anonymous said...

The negative comments are only proof of the short sightedness of Stark County voters, people need to listen with an open mind and not form opinions of poor past performances of former boards of commissioners. We have a 911 system in this county that is ineffective and antiquated at best and because of that each and every persons safety is jeopardized in the advent of a medical, police or fire emergency because of transfers of calls that are dropped and not being able to locate callers or the location of the emergency. Stark County has the lowest sales tax rate in the entire state and even with the increase we will still be tied for the lowest and be able to fix 911 and the county fiscal crises. In turn each and every community will save money on property taxes because centralized dispatch, all dispatching will be paid for with a sales tax and it will eliminate the need for additional tax property tax levies or income taxes to pay for these services.

In Canton’s case it will free up Hundreds of thousands of dollars being spent on dispatching and allow those funds to be used on safety forces fighting crimes and emergencies. I commend Bosley for having the foresight and political guts to even propose such a groundbreaking idea, never the less get it done. A sales tax is the fairest tax in the land! Stark County should be happy we have a board of commissioners that are willing to think out of the box and are willing to be held accountable at the price even of there careers!