Friday, May 15, 2009


Because Mayor William J. Healy, II cannot shake the Jack DeSario habit, his idea of forming a Stark County Mayors Association is now a dead letter.

The SCPR has learned that the mayors of Massillon and Alliance recently declined further participation in the Healy planned organization to bring the mayors of Stark County together in a collaboration of economic strengths to benefit all of Stark County.

The real reason why Mayor Cicchinelli and Middleton faded from the association two fold. First, Healy was insisting that the organization bring TeamHealy (Healy's campaign committee) political consultant Jack DeSario on as the group's executive director. Second, Healy had in mind structuring the effort so that it had a specific agenda that would require constant attention by the major players' mayors (i.e. Canton, Alliance and Massillon).

What is it about Jack DeSario with Healy?

DeSario is a Mount Union political science professor and area political consultant (involved in a number of Stark County political campaigns) who has been interviewed by the FBI in its Cuyahoga County government corruption investigation.

The SCPR has learned that DeSario went on a screaming rampage recently with some Stark County Democratic officials about the adverse publicity that he has been getting in area media of late.

The same source has told the SCPR that DeSario was behind Mayor Healy's ethics legislation proposal that Healy made at his State of the City address in late April. The source also offered that this is a typical DeSario-esque maneuver to change the conversation when one of his clients is under political fire which Healy has been since lste 2008.

To the SCPR, the failure of the Stark County Mayors Association is confirmation that Mayor Healy is not the positive leader he thinks he is. In fact, a stronger case can be made that he is dragging Canton and Stark County down economically with all the distractions his political antics are generating.

What business wants to come to or exapnd in a city caught up in political intrigue and infighting?

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