Sunday, May 24, 2009


What was good for Hoover Company employees - is - apparently, not good for the employees of companies occupying the Stu Lichter Hoover rehab project in North Canton.

What's that?

Well, Hoover Company employees, probably from the inception of the company, who parked in the parking lot directly south of the sweeper factory (requiring the crossing of East Maple Street) dodged traffic to get to and from the factory/office complex and the parking lot.

When company profits were at stake, a pedestrian traffic control light would do. But apparently no more.

When Ohio (not just North Canton) money is available, this "other peoples' money" can be used to luxuriate.

If the plan goes forward, North Canton government will spend $2.2 million of our money to unburden employees crossing East Maple Street from having to push a traffic control button to go to and fro to work.

On North Councilman Jeff Davies appears to oppose the plan so far.

This plan promotes a twofold question:

A. Is the bypass a wise, efficient and productive use of taxpayer money (remember, all of Ohio participating), and

B. Is it a permitted use under the funding law that provides the money?

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