Monday, May 4, 2009


Jim James is one the most respected jurists in all of Stark County. This judge is calm, cool and collected, above all. For James to write the headlined "letter to the editor" to The Repository is a real slap in the face of lead editors Jeff Gauger and Don Detore.

Gauger, somewhat of a popinjay, got on his high horse at the beginning of the Schuring/Boccieri 16th district congressional race and pontificated about how he was going to see to it that the dialogue concerning the candidates remained civil.

Well, Editor Gauger what is in good taste about allowing readers to demean a profession?

As Judge James puts it:
It is inappropriate to debase any profession. This is a surprising tack for a news organization that aspires to high journalistic standards.
Judge James is generous in attributing "high journalistic standards" as among The Rep's aspirations. All yours truly can say is that hopefully such is the case. But one does have to wonder and there is room for skepticism.

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report/SCPR) believes that The Rep is desperate just to stay in business these days. Because of the pressure to sell newspapers and draw online readers in order to to drive up or maintain advertising rates which is a function readership volume, readers should expect see more and more sleazy journalism emanating from The Rep.

So which is going to be Editor Gauger: a step up a la the Schuring/Boccieri standard or a step down a la the solicitation of lawyer jokes?

The Report will be taking silence as a vote for a step down; an apology for a step up.

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