Wednesday, May 6, 2009


From Canton Mayor's William Healy's perspective, yesterday's elections had to be a disappointment. Late in the campaign the gloves came off in his fight to unseat Ward 1 Councilman Greg Hawk. But Healy did not come close in his effort. His candidate, former Republican Bob Harper lost by a nearly 2 to 1 margin.

By being front and center in the Harper campaign and by sending his supporters help Hawk's opponent, Healy put himself in a position of having to own the Hawk/Harper results.

Will Healy's opponents on Council take the Ward 1 election as a referendum on Healy's performance in office so far? Could be.

The SCPR believes that more skirmishes with Council lie ahead for Healy and his losing political capital investment in the Ward 1 race will signal to council members that Healy is a lame duck mayor with little chance of re-election, if he lasts that long.

The SCPR sees council-at-large replacement of Don Casar as a person who has a steep learning curve and consequently will fall under the strong influence of long time councilman Bill Smuckler, hardly a Healy admirer, as he learns the ins and outs of being a counciiman.

What next?

Council will continue to focus on its own agenda for Canton and will only work with Healy on matters that Healy follows Council's lead on.

Bill Smuckler is likely positioning himself for one last run at becoming mayor of Canton, even if it means taking Healy on in a primary.

Smuckler would have no problem at all at challenging an incumbent mayor.

After all, when Smuckler needed to be focusing his time, energy and resources in running against Republican candidate Janet Creighton in 2003, who ran against him in the Democratic primary?

None other than Hizzonor.

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