Saturday, May 30, 2009


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The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report/SCPR) has been hearing for some time that Johnnie A. Maier, Jr. was about to resign as Stark County Democratic Party chairman

The rumor became fact on May 29th in a letter written by Maier to local Democratic party officials which were first received by a number of them today, May 30th.

What is not clear, is: why?

And the SCPR knows from one-on-ones with Maier, that he is constantly calculating "what's in it for Johnnie?"

The reason that The Report has been given is so outlandish that yours truly is not prepared to publish the specific speculation. The SCPR is at a minimum skeptical of what's being said.

A leading Stark County Democrat has been heard to say something to the effect: "A lot of us [leading Stark Dems] think that in Johnnie's mind, he is going to become _____." (emphasis added)

So has Maier resigned as party chair to be in a position "to become _____." Hum?

If the conjecture (hint: a position in state government) proves to be accurate, then many Stark/Ohio politicos will be truly astounded.

Comeback to The Report frequently to see whether or not yours truly has been able to nail down the precise reason for the Maier resignation. This one could take some time.

The Report has learned that when a union golf outing entourage heard of the Maier resignation, there was a thunderous cheer and the unionists and friends were engaging in a lot of "high fives" and backslapping.

Maier made enemies of Stark County's trade unions when he dumped the popular and retired (from the Ironworkers) Billy Sherer from what had been known as "the union seat" on the Stark County Board of Elections.

Another potentially momentous development on the heels of the Maier resignation is news that Stark County commissioner Todd Bosley is weighing whether or not he is going to get into the race to succeed Maier.

Undoubtedly, Maier likely thinks he has handpicked Jackson Township fiscal officer Randy Gonzalez to take over. But Bosley has told the SCPR that if he decides to get into the race, it will be to win and not to place or show.

Bosley says he wants the party to be open to all and not the captive of folks who think they are entitled. Under a Bosley chairmanship, organized labor would have a "table of honor." Moreover, he pledges that there will be no free passes to the likes of David Stucki, Scott Oelslager, Charles Brown and the considerable number of Republicans who have run unopposed over the Maier years.

It would be great if Stark Countians would wake up to the news in the next day or two that Jeff Matthews has resigned as chairman of the Stark County Republican Party and the successor chairman would pledge that no Democrat (e.g. Ferrero, Zeigler and Rehfus - 2008) would ever run unopposed again.

One of the main goals of the SCPR is to goad each party into making Stark County a hotbed of political competition. Such is one of a number of ways to make public officials responsive and accountable to Stark's citizens.

Interesting times loom in the immediate future of Stark County politics!


BD said...

Please don't say....governor! I can think of several reasons for Maier to resign, and a state public office isn't one of them.

mary v parker said...

I don't think he'd be foolish enough to run for governor.

I wouldn't mind seeing Mr. Bosley at the helm of the Democratic party. I think he could take us where we need to go.

I saw Bill O'Reilly's stand in and wannabe, John (?) announce on Hannity's show last night that he would run against Strickland or whoever, on the Republican ticket.