Monday, June 15, 2009


Second shoes are beginning to drop out of the FBI Cuyahoga County government corruption probe.

The first shoe was the public announcement by the Cleveland office of the FBI over a year ago that it had opened up an investigation of corruption in government in Cuyahoga County. However, it is clear that the FBi has interviewed persons who the FBI must think have relevant information in other counties including Stark.

Is the falling of second shoes underway?

On Friday last, criminal informations were filed against four Cuyahoga Countians.

Are the four it? Or, are there many more to come?

And, if so - will any of the second shoes be dropping in Stark County?

A Stark County law enforcement official believes they will.

In conversations with the SCPR, this official has told The Report that he has it from the highest level of Stark County law enforcement that the FBI has an active investigation, as an offshoot of the Cuyahoga County probe, going on in Stark.

Criminal informations being filed on Stark County government corruption? Let's hope not. Not exactly what Stark County needs!

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