Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Are Stark Countians having second thoughts about re-electing Sheriff Tim Swanson after he announced he would be retiring before the end of his term ending December 31, 2008?

They certainly ought to be.

The SCPR has learned that Sheriff Swanson is spending many of his days "fishin" these days. His favorite spot is said to be Pastore's on Route 44.

Several months ago, Swanson made an "in-your-face-taxpayers" speech at a Stark County commissioners meeting indicating that the "public be damned," he had his retirement, he had earned it. Note that this little ditty took place after election day, November, 2008; the politically courageous person Swanson is.

Here's the exact quote:
If you don’t like it, don’t vote for me in four years because I’m retired. And I’m one of those double dippers. And I’m proud that I’m a double dipper. And in two more years I’m going to retire from the military and I’m going to double dip there, too. Ok?
At the same commissioners' meeting, Swanson took no responsibility for being creative and innovative to try to provide Stark's outlying unincorporated areas with police protection in the face of the county budget crisis:

Here is Swanson in his own words:
I’ll do what you want. No tax. No deputies. I’m lucky to have two people on the road now. If you live in an unincorporated area, I’ll get the car there when I can get it there. If I can’t – poop them. They just don’t come out of the sky. You’ve got to pay them. They deserve a salary just like everybody else who works.


If you don’t like it, move somewhere else where you will like it.
Swanson in the above-quoted text plays the dutiful role of caring about his deputies.

But does he?

The SCPR has learned that one of Swanson's top administrative sergeants recently retired. As the day ended, one would think that Swanson would have been there to express his appreciation for work well done.

But he wasn't.

Later on the retiree was honored with a "retirement party" at Esbers.

Was Swanson there to share in honoring the sergeant for his long term faithful service.

No he wasn't.

Recently, there were rampant reports that Swanson was about ready to quit. The SCPR e-mailed Swanson for a response. The response? A terse NO.

the "NO" makes sense to the SCPR.

Why would he quit?

He's got two retirements and he spends many of his days - not providing leadership on the job on Atlantic Boulevard.

No, not like in his early days as sheriff.

Now he has a sign out: "Gone Fishin!"

And if you don't like it - well, in the sheriff's unique style, he would probably say: "poop" you!

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