Thursday, June 4, 2009


Healy fired Service Director/Chief of Staff Tom Bernabei (January, 2009) because department heads were ignoring the Mayor and going to Tom Bernabei for instructions.

Why were they going to Bernabei rather than Healy?

Because the Mayor doesn't know A from B when it comes to public administration.

The department heads understood this reality (notwithstanding the Mayor's degree from New York University Stern School of Business). These public servants truly wanted to serve Canton well. And they knew that Healy had no answers. All he does is get in the way. Moreover, he does have ego galore.

When the SCPR learned that Safety Director Nesbitt had applied for the project manager job with the to be reconfigured countywide 9-1-1, it was clear there had been a clash between Nesbitt and Healy.

It turns out that there have been a number of clashes.

One we know about is Healy's insistence that Nesbitt find a way to fire Canton Police Chief Dean McKimm (protected by civil service).

Another is Healy's rejection of Nesbitt's recommendation that Canton not hire Cleveland lawyer Gary Johnson to negotiate with the Canton police union.

Yet another is Nesbitt's candor about the Healy's involvement in pushing for Redflex Traffic System. Can't you see see neck and face getting redder than red when contradicted by the safety director? Call it "ego kick-in."

Tom Nesbitt leaves Canton with his head high. Obviously, the man has a lot of self-confidence and admirable courage. He heads back to Nebraska not having a job. How many folks can do that?

Healy stays in Canton to preside over his failed administration (almost all his doing) for his final two plus years in office.

Nesbitt has served Canton well. Healy and his egoistic driven political theatrics threatens to bring Canton to her knees.

Bernabei and Nesbitt prove that William J. Healy, II cannot work with anyone who speaks up and talks back.

Having once worked under a Healy-esque supreme egoist, yours truly's heart goes out to anyone who has had to work under this guy. It is a absolutely horrendous experience to go through.

The Canton Repository publisher and its editors bear a special responsibility for the continuing affliction that Healy visits on the citizens of Canton. He has played them like a fiddle. Their discernment is at near zero. For all their resources, they have uttlerly failed the people of Canton miserably. These folks know more about the events that are going on at City Hall than any other outside entity or person. Yet they have chosen to protect this dysfunctional Mayor.

In conclusion:

May the Lord bless Tom Nesbitt as he prepares for a different situation in a better venue.

May the Lord have mercy on the people of Canton!

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