Monday, June 29, 2009


Matters are beginning to stir on the alleged theft of monies from the Stark County treasurer's office.

News broke on Wednesday, April 1, 2009 that Chief Deputy Vince Frustaci had been fired by Treasurer Gary Zeigler on suspicion of theft. However, three months have passed since the firing but there still is no indictment naming anyone as being responsible for the theft.

The SCPR has learned that the indictments, when the come down, will name more than one person.

When are the indictments to come down?

Possibly, by the end of July.

Another question. How much money was stolen?

The SCPR is being told by a law enforcement official in a position to know that it is in the 2 to 3 million neighborhood.

The Stark treasury is being audited by Mary Taylor. She is the elected auditor for all of Ohio. Her report is said to be four to six weeks in the offing.

Ten year Stark treasury employee Frustaci is presumably the focus of an FBI investigation. A source has told The Report that it was known (certainly Zeigler had to know) that Frustaci liked to play high stakes poker and go to Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort to gamble. The SCPR's source says that Frustaci was known at Mountaineer as being a "Whale." Moreover, video cameras have reportedly shown Frustaci, in a time period running up to his firing, gambling at Mountaineer.

Did this Whale get head over heels in gambling debt? Was this one of the underlying reasons he was fired for suspicion of theft?

Did Zeigler know about this red flag, but chose to ignore it?

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