Thursday, July 23, 2009


Somehow Mayor William J. Healy, II has gained the confidence of The Repository Editorial Board.

When things are not going well for Healy and he needs to explain his actions to the public or he needs to prime the positive publicity pump, he has his communications director Adam Herman go into action with The Rep.

An example from a July 12th editorial by Executive Editor Jeff Gauger:\
Healy asked Tuesday to meet with The Repository’s editorial board to discuss annexation. In the meeting later that day, Healy expressed reservations about whether the annexation agreement was good for Canton, saying the city might give up too much or get too little. He said a “cost-benefit analysis” was needed to determine whether the city should proceed.
One can imagine the following conversation going down on the eight floor at Canton City Hall.

"Adam, Adam!" (Adam Herman, Healy's communications director and closest confidant)

"Yes, Mayor, what is it?"

"Call Gauger"

"Why, boss, why?"

"Cause we need to get the word out how I am one up on Bill Smuckler."

"What word?"

"Adam, I am surprised. You ask - what word. You know, you know."

"I was just kidding, boss. There isn't a thought that enters your mind that doesn't hit me. You know we have a "wireless relationship" - instant communication." "Yeah, your right. We know that Bill Smuckler is trying to upset your re-election apple cart. And your annexation plan is brilliant, simply brilliant."

"Yeah, Adam and I came up with it on my very own (snicker, snicker, snicker). And they call Sam Sliman 'Darth Vader to the townships'"

"Okay, boss, I'll give 'good ole Jeffy boy' a call. He's always good to make The Rep available - on call - to get our message out."

"Yeah, Adam, with Martin Olson at the Stark County Political Report telling it like it is with my administration, we have done good counteracting him by greasing Stark's only countywide newspaper.

You're right boss, but I have work to do with Olson.

What's that Adam?

"I need to find the leaks that we have here on the eight floor. It's frustrating. Olson keeps coming up with story after story that don't make us look too good."

"Frankly, Adam (Healy, sneering) I don't worry about Olson and his Stark County Political Report. He can take his report and stick it where the sun doesn't shine. We got The Rep folks right where we want them - at a beck and call."

"You're right again, boss. Take Olson's story about your new safety director. What a stroke of genius - that appointment. Wow, how do you do it! Ream will do nothing but fortify our good relationship with The Repository. Just outstanding, boss; simply outstanding. How do you come up with these ideas"

Well, Adam, thanks. But you know where my genius comes from. After all I didn't go to the New York Stern School of Business for nothing. And throw Jack DeSario in there too. DeSario has to be one of the very best political consutants in the US of A as Archie Bunker says.

"You know, boss. You are too good for Canton, Ohio. You have skills that could help the nation in these times of trouble."

"Aw shucks, Adam. What you say is true. But Canton needs me. You make me blush. Well, you know before Boccieri decided to run for the 16th district congressional seat the Democratic National Congressional Caucus offered to finance a Healy campaign to the tune of $1 million cool smackeroos. Did you know that Adam?"

"Oh yeah, boss. I hear that little ditty in my sleep. You gotta remember, we're wireless!

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