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Repository Executive Editor Jeff Gauger wrote an intriguing piece on former Canton Mayor Janet Creighton's possible return to Stark County political life. (reference: Creighton looks ahead

Not that Gauger offered any meaningful political insight insight on what a Creighton might or might not mean for the future well-being of Stark County.

Gauger is not a political writer and it shows in this piece.

He is first and foremost a newspaper administrator who has likely reached the zenith of his administrative career being EE at The Rep.

But the topic (Creighton's political future in Canton/Stark County) is an important one for Stark Countians to ponder. The past could have been left alone except for the anecdote about the "chance" meeting with Healy at WHBC.


Because her loss to Healy will drive Creighton to seek Canton/Stark County based political redemption in some way or fashion within the next two years.

You can be sure that there are a number of Stark Democratic elected officials who are shaking in their boots.

Who might that be?

Todd Bosley, Kim Perez and John Boccieri, that's who.

Why not Healy?

Healy is finished as a viable politician in Stark County, unless, of course, Slesnick wants to give up his Ohio House seat. Any Democrat wins the 52nd Ohio House seat. Even Healy.

Sure Creighton could become mayor again, even if Healy runs again - and easily. And the SCPR thinks Healy will run again unless certain circumstances unfold that would make It impossible for him. But don't look for that to happen. Healy is the envy of all of those "9 lives cats" that we all talk about.

But does she want to be mayor again?

Why should she? Healy will have totally wrecked Canton by the time the race comes up again. So, with Canton in a deeper hole than it was when Creighton was elected mayor, what would make her think she could be a difference maker and second time around?

She did have her picture taken with GOP gubernatorial hopeful John Kasich at this year's annual Stark County Republican Party McKinley event.

Why bring that up?

Think she going to be Kasich's running mate?

Could be, but not likely. There is another reason. A more Canton-esque reason.

Don't you folks remember?

When Creighton ran against Bill Smuckler her coup-de-gras and probably the difference in her narrow win over Smuckler was "special" relationship with Republican controlled state government and Governor Bob Taft, in particular.

She was going to tap into state government resources to help get Canton out of its economic swoon. Remember, now?

She won and Canton continued its downward trek and the state Republicans had their own problems and were unable to bail Creighton out.

If anything, Janet Creighton is a savvy politico and the SCPR believes she will pass on running for mayor again because of the impossibility of "turning - Canton - around" (thank you Governor Strickland) anytime soon.

Well, how about running against Bosley?

Not a chance!

Creighton is used to running her own show. She would go bonkers having to work with the likes of Tom Harmon and Pete Ferguson.

It's all Bosley can do to abide those two and he used to working with hangers-on (reference: his stint as Nimishillen Township trustee).

Janet is way too smart to get caught in the mire of commissioner politics (two Democrats at that).

Okay, okay. There is county auditor Kim Perez, right?

Maybe. When Creighton was county auditor, she was the the power of the Stark County Political Party. All, then chairman, Curt Braden had to do was follow orders from Janet.

She controlled a lot of political patronage during her stint as auditor and she used it to groom future Stark County Republican leadership. Stark County Democratic Party chairman (at the time) Johnnie A. Maier, Jr drooled at the thought of getting control of this office.

Kim Perez had done his best to emulate Creighton, but tax dollars are hard to come by these days and, accordingly, he is no match for the Creighton "auditor's-office-based-political-machine."

Sorry about that Kim!

In the Creighton days, the county actually had money to fund all those public salaries to stable the future of the Stark County GOP.

In the judgment of the SCPR, the auditor's office is the best place for Creighton IF she has any inclination at all to help the Stark County Republican Party out of its political morass.

If she doesn't and merely wants to finish her political career on a high note, then, perhaps she should consider running against Democrat Congressman John Boccieri.

Whoa, Martin. You have to be kidding!

Boccieri is methodically going about creating a political machine, the likes of which Stark County has not seen in modern political times.

This guy puts out press releases like he's handing out penny candy along a parade route. And all that "stimulus money" with more reportedly to come, how would Creighton compete with that? And do you think the Democratic National Congressional Campaign Committee is going to sit idly by and let the Republicans take back a seat that the Dems have only help two years over a life span seemingly forever?

I know, I know.

It would be tough.

But Creighton is probably the Republicans' only hope to take Boccieri out. Chances are great. With Kirk Schuring telling the SCPR as soon ago as Friday (the 17th) that Republicans who most people in the 16th have never heard of are "testing" the waters about opposing Boccieri, prospects are not real good for the GOP to take back the Regula seat.

If the Republicans don't take on Boccieri now and wrestle the seat back, the 16th is going to be a Democratic seat for long time to come - unless, of course, Boccieri does himself in a la some infamous congressmen have amply demonstrated is possible.

If Creighton were to take Boccieri on, it would be the fight of her political life.

Lose: "good try Janet," people would say.

Win: "what a political redemption!" She would be a national headliner. This time she would go to Washington - not as a refugee from the political storms.

But as a triumphant political overcomer!

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mary said...

I would think that Janet, after spending time in Washington, has aspirations of returning there.
I don't know exactly what her duties were there, but I would be willing to bet they weren't too important. I never heard a word about her once she got there. I'm sure, though, that she rubbed elbows with some pretty important people, therefore getting a whiff of what it feels like to be and feel important. After being treated so shabbily in her last endeavor here, I'm sure she'd want to grab that brass ring and get some of that 'importance' for herself. In Canton politics, no one is really important, look at Healy, and how they laugh and joke about him in the Rep. He's through. No one can bring you down and step on your glasses like Cantonians.

So, In my humble political opinion, I think Janet just wants to play with us now... maybe get an inkling of what kind of support she could expect from those she picked up trash for in the past, support for bigger and better things, things in D.C. I don't think anyone around here has much to fear from her. Those from here, supposedly working for us in Washington , take heed, be forewarned.