Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The SCPR was thoroughly impressed with Congressman John Boccieri (D-16th which includes Stark County) when he showed up at "Tax Day, Tea Day" on April 15 and went toe-to-toe with right-wing talk show host Matt Patrick (WHLO - 640 AM).

Moreover, Boccieri has done a pretty effective job in answering questions on his "Congressman on Your Corner" series fielding questions. The SCPR videotaped his appearance in Alliance at the Rodman Public Library.

Also, he held his own with Cleveland, Akron and Canton area media when he came to Canton (at Downtown Ford) to publicize the plight of area Chrysler and GM dealers faced with having their franchises taken away. However, where is the follow up? Was this a mere "photo-op" with no results really expected?

The SCPR suspects that the car dealership thing was mostly if not of the photo-op variety. Yours truly asked him whether or not his promised input to the White House Task Force on the auto situation had any promise in light of the reality that the U.S. Bankruptcy courts had jurisdiction. Boccieri could only say that it was a good question.

The SCPR views any press conference that feigns concern and actions which produces no results, unless a thoroughgoing explanation is forthcoming; amounts to no more than a manipulation designed to give the appearance of doing something.

Congressman Boccieri needs to know that 16th District constituents will be reminded by the SCPR when Boccieri comes to the district and creates expectations that he will have to follow up. If he doesn't, then he has created a campaign issue for his 2010 opponent.

Another thing that the congressman better square up with quick, is that he cannot pick and choose which questions he answers.

His office was quick to complain via a telephone conversation with yours truly when they thought the SCPR's coverage of his flip-flop on cap-and-trade legislation didn't give Boccieri's explanation of the flip-flop enough play.

For the record, the SCPR supports the position that Boccieri ultimately voted.

But not the way he got there: posturing, feigning and the like.

Well, the SCPR took another look at the original blog as was promised to the Boccieri people and decided to include Boccieri's full one-sided "press release" explanation. However, the review was with the SCPR articulated expectation that the Boccieri camp would answer a set of specific cap-and-trade (largely drawn from the Ohio senate's resolution on the matter) questions.

A point made in the telephone conversation was the "let it be known" factor of W. R. Timken (concerning Timken's Stark County's operations) that cap-and-trade would be devasting to the Stark County aspect of Timken.
In addition to the e-mail, yours truly asked for a response to W. R.'s concerns.

So far, nothing from Boccieri.

Boccieri did impress early on, but not of late.

Which Boccieri is the real John Boccieri? "The stand up to tough audience, tough questions Boccieri" or the "run for [political] cover Boccieri?"

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