Friday, July 31, 2009


Could Stark County Democratic chairman Randy Gonzalez be a different cup of tea for Ohio General Assembly fixtures Scott Oelslager and Kirk Schuring, both Republicans in a county that former Dems chair Johnnie A. Maier, Jr., has declared to be s solidly Democratic county?

The SCPR has a conversation with Stark County commissioner Todd Bosley this past week in which he indicated that the Stark Dems are asking him to run against Oelslager.

Bosley is one Stark County Democrat who could defeat Oelslager. But why would he run? He has small children and the back and forth between Columbus and Marlboro Township would not play well with the Mrs. Moreover, there is very little chance that the Democrats can take control of the Ohio Senate and therefore he would be a back bencher - which, knowing Bosley, would not set well with him.

So, the SCPR thinks there is virtually no chance Bosley will take Oelslager on.

But the question remains: does this inquiry to Bosely mean that the "free passes' courtesy for former chairman Maier to Oelslager and Schuring" are coming to an end?

Both Oelslager and Schuring supported "term limits" as a way to get the Republicans in control in Columbus. Now in playing a game of musical chairs (ha, ha) with the 29th (the Ohio Senate) and the 51st (the Ohio House), in which they conspire to exclude fresh-minded Stark Citizens from the Legislature by the power of "transferred" incumbency; they damage Stark and, derivatively, the rest of Ohio (hence the tears flowing from the map of Stark County).

Though Oelslager and Schuirng obey the "letter of the law" on term limits; they violate the "spirit" of the law so that they can maintain their "entitlement" attitude that is inherent in looking after oneself first and foremost. No doubt, their old friend Johnnie A. Maier, Jr. (from the days he represented Ohio's 56th) as been a major asset in the "thumbing their noses" at the real intent of term limits.

Oelslager has been either the state representative from the 51st or state senator from the 29th since 1985 (24 years).

Here is is bio from VoteSmart:Schuring has been either the state representative from the 51st or state senator from the 29th since 1993 (16 years).

Here is is bio from VoteSmart:

Oelslager and Schuring: a combined 40 years of producing very little for Stark County and Ohio.

Note that both are on the education committees of their respective chambers of the Ohio General Assembly (OGA).

Has either made any progress over the combined 40 years to solve the problems the funding of public education?

Other than Oelslager's "open records" work, this duo has little to recommend themselves about.

And with these two Stark County remains without much of a voice in Columbus.

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