Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It is about a year away before Ohio approaches the onset of a vigorous gubernatorial contest. But the groundwork is now being laid.

The fight?

Between Governor Strickland and the GOP leadership in the Ohio General Assembly.

Dennis Willard of the Akron Beacon Journal wrote an intriguing pieces in yesterday's edition (GOP offer to Governor a good deal) in which he sets up the relative positions of the governor/the GOP.

All the governor has to do is agree to a vote by the people. Strickland does not even have to sign-off on the ballot initiative in the formal sense of "sign-off." But he refuses so far.

Why would a governor who in 2006 postured as "a man of the people" want to circumvent the voters?

Could it be that the numbers (seen above) put the issue in grave doubt of passage? Certainly, the governor will be out front campaigning for the issue. Wouldn't this mean that if the issue is once again resoundingly defeated that Strickland fears a carryover to his 2010 re-election bid?

Looking at the Stark County numbers on Issue 6 (2008 election), in a close race - voter recollection of Strickland being strongly for a gambling issue in 2009 might be enough to tip the Stark vote to the Republican candidate in the 2010 gubernatorial race.

A few days ago, the SCPR recalls seeing a newspaper report whereby Strickland accuses the GOP legislative leadership as playing politics. Undoubtedly, they are. But so is Strickland.

At least in the GOP version, the voters have a say.

A strange place for "a man of the people" to be?

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