Sunday, December 13, 2009

Being an employee is one thing, BUT BEING MAYOR IS ANOTHER? RIGHT?

A source of the SCPR sent yours truly an email today that shows that Mayor William J. Healy, the second, might - on the parking ticket whining- be into more than whining.

Is he a scofflaw of his own rules?

A question.

Did he violate his own executive order in having the ticket torn up by a safety director that he appointed (conflict-in-interest).

Undoubtedly, Healy being the arrogant guy he is, would retort; but, "I am not a common, everyday employee."


Here we have the former great city of Canton dying on the vine, and Healy fusses about parking tickets.  Whining about having to buy his own car.  Talking about the "good ole boys" being out to get him.  Firing strong leadership figures; left and right.  Twisting crime statistics to suit his political purposes, and on and on go the Healy manipulations.

And, to emphasize Healy's "exceptionalist" view of himself,  he violates his own (the next word needs to be in all capitals also in order to give the mayor his due respect) EXECUTIVE order.  In short, there is a set of rules for others, but, of course, "the king" can do no wrong.

Not long ago a Healy emissary (in the opinion of yours truly) came to the SCPR telling The Report that the Stark County Political Report has it all wrong about Healy.


The SCPR has heard the "you don't underatand what a good guy Healy is argument" and is not buying.

If Healy cares anything about the city of Canton, its history of having produced a president of the United States, its history of  once being a great manufacturing center, its history of honoring professional excellence; then being the mediocre; no not mediocre, the lesser leader he is, he should step down.

If reports are correct that he has been offered the Meeks Strickland administration job that Meeks is opting out of to be county commissioner, Healy should take up the offer.

He can still be Mr. Big.  Being the consummate manipulator he is, he can have a field day playing politics in the Strickland administration.

Move on, Mayor.  Move on!

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