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UPDATE:  12/29/09

Monique Moore (president of the Stark County Young Republicans) as weighed in on the SCPR's discussion about the relationship between the YRs and the Stark County Republican Party with the following 

"We have enjoyed and benefited from the support of Chairman Matthews and continue to look for ways to enhance his County Party.  We were able to win some hard fought local elections this year as a foundation for 2010.  Chairman Matthews was instrumental in those successes.  The SCYR leadership is a strong supporter of Chairman Matthews and understands that a unified County Republican Party is essential to victory in 2010 and beyond."


Yesterday, the SCPR wrote a blog on the goings on within the Stark County Republican Parfty between Stark's "regular" party people headed up by Jeff Matthews and Stark's Young Republicans which is lead by Monique Moore.


The SCPR wrote that the YRs were trying a "friendly takeover" of the Stark County Republican Party.


Maybe not.

Here is the core of an email from Travis Secrest to The Report that reveals some of the "inside" stuff going on out in the Fulton Road party headquarters confines.



Good afternoon. I hope you had a great holiday and that you are ready for 2010.

I read your blog this morning regarding the Stark County Young Republicans, and I wanted to comment on a few points.

First, a little history. The Stark YR group that is in place now was started in late spring of 2008. Just getting started, they were primarily focused on supporting the young candidates on the ballot. Those candidates were Todd Snitchler, Jason Wise, Jeff Nickels and myself. They raised a little money for us and that was about all they did.

For just getting started, I was somewhat pleased, but still concerned with their direction. I was an active member and worked to bring on new members. The larger the group, the more we are able to spread the message of what it means to be a Republican in Stark County.

However, once 2009 rolled around, the mission of the group started to stray from supporting local young Republicans to trying to trump the local party and claim a power grab. The group took on new leadership, against the will of the charter members, and all of a sudden, they were picking and choosing which candidate to support, and what candidates not to support.

What was their reason for supporting one candidate over another? One easy response...Money. The  Stark YR's have become a business tool for the group leadership.

As an active member of the Republican Party, you can understand my frustration. I regularly attend their meetings and help plan events, and it is clear that their main objective is to grab more power and more money. They don't believe in the Republican creed, just their own personal gain.

The party needs to come together, stand up for what we believe in, and WIN!  We cannot have one group thinking they can do better and undermining everything that the leadership of the party does/says.

Chairmen Matthews has been very supportive of the Stark YR's but does not receive any sort of courtesy, or help, in return.  Socializing and having drinks is good to a point, but when it is time to get busy and help candidates, the Stark YRs disappear.

One thing that I would like to point out about Chairman Matthews: He inherited a ticket, and a national anti-Republican movement. We got him, and he got us.  I would never blame Jeff Matthews for the losses we suffered in 2008. The blame is on me. The blame is on Larry Dordea. The blame is on John Hagan. The blame is on Jason Wise. The blame is on Kirk Schuring. WE were the candidates. It is our job to work hard every day and WIN. The Chairman can't do that for us.

There is nothing that the Stark County Republican Party under the leadership of either Jeff Matthews or Curt Braden could have done to change the losses of 2008.  Obviously the party has a function, however, their function is not enough to change the outcome of an election. Long since forgotten are the days of the political machines....well, in Stark County at least.

Chairman Matthews wants to win with a passion, and he is working hard to win in 2010.  This is why I believe you are going to see a strong ticket in 2010 from the Republican Party.

I don't want you to think that I am just sending this e-mail to you today to stand in front of Jeff Matthews. That is not the case. I am sending this e-mail because I do not believe in what the Stark County Young Republicans are trying to do. If they are tired of loosing, which your blog refers to, then they are going about it the wrong way. Who is their alternative chairman? Who is their chosen son/daughter to take the reigns of the Republican Party, raise the money, recruit the candidates and win elections? I want what is best for the Stark County Republican Party. I believe in Jeff Matthews and his ability to win.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

Again, I hope you have a great start to 2010 this week!

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