Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Yesterday, an old friend stopped by to see the SCPR.

This friend worked tirelessly on many Stark County Democratic campaigns.

He had a complaint.

He is being treated like last week's stale bread by certain Stark County elected officials and party leaders.

Not long ago, former Stark County Party chairman Johnnie A. Maier, Jr appeared in a SCPR blog having made a phone call to Plain Township trustee Louis Giavasis on behalf of Lisa Jackson Campbell (wife of Stark County recorder Rick Campbell, daughter of former Stark County commissioner Gayle Jackson and brother to Stark County Democratic Party political director Shane Jackson).

The point of the Maier call?

To make sure that Lisa got treated fairly in her quest to become Plain Township administrator.

Such a call from the party chairman - at the time - was highly inappropriate.  Loyal Democrat Mike Stevens was also in the running for the positon.  Maier's role should have been one of neutraiity.  But Maier's relationship with the Jackson clan is so thick that he could not restrain himself.

Guess who got the job?

Of course, Lisa Jackson Campbell.

Think she got treated fairly?  Or, maybe more than fairly?

Here's an example of how inconsistent (being kind to him) that Maier is.

The SCPR's friend (hereinafter referred to as being "OLD SHOE CAMPAIGN WORKER,") looked up some job offerings by the Ohio Department of Transportation listed on the Internet.

So the OLD SHOE CAMPAIGN WORKER said to himself, "Gee, I have worked on a lot of Democratic campaigns over many years.  Maybe, just maybe, some of the influential people I have campaigned for, them knowing how conscientious and hardworking I am, will put in a good word for me so I get "a fair chance" at the job.

Inasmuch as former chairman Maier is for "fair chances," one would think he could not act soon enough for OLD SHOE CAMPAIGN WORKER.

But did Maier?

Never did.

Maier is not the only person who would not help OLD SHOE CAMPAIGN WORKER. Neither would current chairman Randy Gonzalez  nor former county commissioner Tom Harmon.

Gonzalez yes, but why did OLD SHOE CAMPAIGN WORKER go to Harmon.

Because Commissioner Bosely suggessted such.

Harmon, being the big time political guy he is,  is known to have "close contacts" within ODOT.   Harmon acknowledged to OLD SHOE CAMPAIGN WORKER that he does, indeed, have such contacts.

However, Harmon said he couldn't weigh-in without Gonzalez's approval. 

Apparently, Gonzalez had somebody else in mind.

And the basis for concluding such?

Because Harmon never did a thing for OLD SHOE CAMPAIGN WORKER.

Remember, all OLD SHOE CAMPAIGN WORKER wanted was:  "a fair chance."

He did not want the job given to him as a payoff for having worked on many Stark County Democratic campaigns, he only wanted "a fair chance."

OLD SHOE CAMPAIGN WORKER did applaud Commissioner Todd Bosley for trying to help him in getting his fair chance.

The SCPR has heard numerous stories like OLD SHOE's.

Maier and Gonzalez have no problem at all helping "some" people.  For instance, The Report believes that Gonzalez is weighing-in big time (inappropriately so - in that he is supposedly a "neutral party chairman," for Steve Meeks to become the successor to Commissioner Harmon.

The SCPR is working on a number of stories about Stark County elected officials who use taxpayer money to help their friends, family and political loyalists to get "fair chances" at public jobs.  Moreover, these same officials are known to arrange for public jobs to be offered to troublesome public figures to shut them up or to move them on.

But OLD SHOE CAMPAIGN WORKERS, they can forget it.

Never, ever will the Maier and Gonzalez type advocate for them to get their "fair chance."

OLD SHOE CAMPAIGN WORKERS, are,  after all, to be used, abused and ultimately sent to the political trash heap!

And party leaders wonder why less and less everyday citizens will do volunteer party work?  Hmm?

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