Sunday, December 6, 2009


Mayor William J. Healy, II has been "the sour grape of Canton" for some time now.

And the question is:  will he bring down this once proud city all on his own?

Healy has a penchant for getting into one mess after another.  Some are triffling, like the parking ticket he got in October and others are serious indeed.  Cumulatively, this "sour grape" mayor may ultimately succeed in bringing down the "bunch of good grapes" (the citizens and many good public officials that staff other city offices).

Apparently, The Repository is turning on Healy.  Could it be that Gauger, Detore,  et al are starting to get it on Healy.  It matters not whether the economy is good or bad (the bad economy is now providing cover for Healy), it is very clear that William J. Healy, II is "not" leadership material.

Some people are leaders, some are not.  Healy is a part of the "are nots."

He is so well-taken with being  "Hizzoner," reveling in the perks and power of office, and playing his game of conquering by dividing others; that he has become a petty person in his own right who has no chance to inspire and rally Cantonians to recovery

The quicker the power structure of Canton and Stark County figure out the Healy game plan and coalesce to move Healy on, the quicker Canton has to chance to recover from its meteoric race to the bottom.

In a little over a year,  Healy has to stand for re-election.  Hopefully, a "new" leader will emerge to challenge him in either the Democratic primary or the general election. 

The time for new leadership to emerge is now!

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Stephen said...

It is pretty clear to me that Jamie thinks that his job is more important than any other job in the world. He needs to feed the meter when parking at a metered spot the same as anybody else. If he feels the need to park for free, he should recover the parking fee from petty cash or count it as an unreimbursed expense when filing his taxes. I received an parking ticket in an ambulance "because our lights were not flashing" and I was expected to pay it! The mayor for the city I was in did not make that disappear, even though I was on official business.

It is funny that the very mayor that wants to issue automatic tickets for running a red light by 0.000000000001 seconds (probably with an illegally short yellow light) to try to balance the budget is the guy that does not want to pay HIS increased parking fees and HIS increased parking ticket rates.

I thought that Jamie would be good for Canton when he was first elected, but every decision he makes has caused me to lose any faith I ever had in this guy.

I would love to see some of the police that were recently strong-armed into taking pay cuts give Jamie "real" tickets that he would have trouble weaseling his way out of. It is clear that this mayor is greedy, selfish and believes that the law does not apply to him.