Saturday, December 12, 2009


City of Canton residents/taxpayers should be calling up Council-At-Large Councilwoman Mary M. Cirelli and thanking her for doing her job.

Many of Stark County's council members, board of education members and the like "go along to get along."  But not Councilwoman Mary Cirelli.

She does her job as councilwoman and does it effectively.

The SCPR thought that Mary was "fish out of water" when she was in the Ohio House of Representatives.  But in hindsight, she was every bit as effective as William J. Healy, II who did the "unpardonable" in party politics by taking on Cirelli - an incumbent in the 2004 Democratic primary and ousting her.

At the time, yours truly thought Healy would be more effective.

But Healy was not effective as state representative and he is an unmitigated disaster as mayor.

Clearly, Cireili is in her element as a councilperson.

The SCPR was delighted to get an email from Cirelli this morning.

Here it is:

A great question Mary.

Why would Canton pay $246,750.00 for property valued at $33,416?

Canton is looking at a $4.5 million deficit for 2010, is laying off firemen and, perhaps police, and Council is considering paying $246,750.00 for a property valued at $33,416.00?


Well, if yours truly were a resident/taxpayer of Canton, I would be on the telephone hot and heavy to the likes of de facto  Council power Bill Smuckler and new Majority Leader Dougherty with lots of questions.

Moreover, Cantonians should be at Council meeting on Monday, December 14, 2009 in droves seeking answers to this seeming "non-starter?"

Thank you Councilwoman Cirelli for contacting the SCPR with your question.

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