Saturday, December 13, 2008


Today, The Repository ran a piece detailing a change in parking fees/fines in the city of Canton.

When the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) read this article, a certain thought rushed to the forefront.

What was it?

Well, with a 267% increase in parking fees at Canton's parking meters and a 100% increase in parking meter violations producing an estimated $250,000 more in revenue to city coffers - what else could it be?

Yes, you have it.

"Tax and spend Democrats" at it again!

Justified or not, nationwide, Republicans have done a job on Democrats in their concerted and sustained effort to tag them as being "taxers and spenders." The Report believes that every time a Democrat votes for a revenue increase (either as a direct purpose - or - as claimed here - indirectly); this Republican "mantra-esque" phrase pops up in the mind of most voters.

The official reason given for the increases are so that Stark Countians can find "parking space" in downtown Canton during business hours (parking meter spaces are free after 6:00 p.m.).

Apparently, the thinking is, now that spaces will presumably be freed up; folks who don't ordinarily go to downtown Canton from 8 through 5 will flock there in droves. Why? Because of open and easy parking.

So downtown merchants and business centers (ironically - most likely owned by Republicans) need to be bracing for the onslaught of an increase in business?

But who really believes that the measure is "primarily" to create space?

Canton and most likely all other Stark County political subdivisions (a number of which are controlled by Republicans - e.g. North Canton) are combing ways and means to make up for the short fall in revenue with the American economy being in the throes of a recession which began in December, 2007.

The Report again asks: Is this a case of primarily raising revenues or freeing up parking space in downtown Canton?


Anonymous said...

Tax and spend Democrats is right! but don't forget about the democrats at the county level. Raising the sales tax with no accountability. We are in trouble.


The parking is being freed up to lure Stark County people into the city and the soon to be erected speed and red light camera traps that Healy (D-Zero-Tloeranc-Ville) and city council want to increase the tax payers "safety". Just another indirect tax by the Dem's.

This "safety" thing in Canton started at the grassroots level, with the lawn mowing & tree trimming laws last summer, the more recent wood burner ban and now the cameras and parking meters. When are they actually going to start going after the thugs?