Thursday, December 11, 2008


The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has learned that all Stark County's elected officials have signed on as endorsing the application of Democrat Alliance Councilman Steve Okey to succeed Congressman-elect John Boccieri in representing Ohio's 33rd Ohio Senate district which includes only the eastern slice of Stark County.

The Report takes a contraian point of view to Stark's elected Democrats.

It is becoming apparent to The Report that Steve Okey only abides and communicates with those who agree with him 100%; a hallmark of public official arrogance.

Only yesterday The Report telephoned Okey to get his take on his chances to become state Senator Okey. Okey answered the phone but begged off because he had a meeting to attend promising to get back to The Report.

Well, a day and one-half later, Okey hasn't gotten back.

A month or so ago The Report sent an inquiry to Okey via e-mail. No response. The matter was not important enough for The Report to pursue. But a mental note was made.

Now the telephone incident.

Putting two and two together, The Report recalls a piece published in this blog in which Okey was criticized for a position he took as an Alliance city councilman (reference: "Democrats on Alliance City Council Not Lookin Too Good," August 5, 2008).

Aha. Eureka! It appears Okey is punishing The Report for being critical.

Sounds a lot like something Republican state Rep. John Hagan (50th) does. Hagan is probably the most arrogant politician in Stark County and perhaps Okey sees him as a person to emulate.

One thing that voters have had their fill of is political arrogance. As much as The Report would like to see a Stark Countians get the nod, Steve Okey does not appear to be the right fit.

If The Report's assessment of Okey is correct - just on a public official accessiblity factor alone - it would be a huge mistake for the Ohio Democratic Senate Caucus to appoint Steve Okey as John Boccieri's replacement.

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