Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The STARK COUNTY POLTICAL REPORT (The Report) has learned that Republican Commissioner Jane Vignos saying ugly things about Democrat Stark County Engineer Mike Refus about the proposed merger of the Stark County Engineer's office with the Stark County Sanitary Engineer's office.

This merger will save Stark County $1.2 million a year and will result an increased Stark County capacity to attract millions of dollars in federal and state government grants to underwrite infrastructure improvements and repairs in the county.

Apparently, Vignos is playing politics with the matter as she exits county government on December 31st in retirement. The Report hears that her objection is grounded on Vignos' fear that the newly constituted engineer's office will turned into a huge fundraising apparatus for the Stark County Democratic Party by Rehfus.

There are Stark County Democrats who would do exactly as Vignos fears, if in charge. But not Mike Rehfus.

The Report knows Rehfus well and posits that he is the least partisan Democrat officeholder in Stark County. Vignos' concern is not well-founded and she needs to back off.

Supporting the merger is the thing to do. If Vignos chooses not to do so then she will leave office with a blemish on her legacy.

How so?

Jane Vignos: the commissioner who left office opposing local government efficiency.


Anonymous said...

Vignos' fear that the newly constituted engineer's office will be turned into a huge fundraising apparatus for the Stark County Democrats? Isn’t this the pot calling the Kettle Black? For years the Stark County Republican’s used the County Recorders and Auditor’s offices (D.C. Creighton) as fund raising centers for the Stark GOP!

Jane Vignos would not recognize efficient local government even if was a barrel of bricks dropped on her head. She was inefficient in the recorders office and has been even less efficient as a commissioner!

Rumor has it that she is only supporting the 911 consolidation and imposing the sales tax because Bosley will take all of the blame since he is the only one of the three sitting commissioners that will run for re-election and that the any Democrat seeking the commissioners office will be blamed as being part of the party in control that imposed the tax. Jane was on the board with former commissioner Regula that refused to fix 911. She is even on record during the Bosley campaign as saying 911 is efficient and does not need fixed.

Maybe some research on this issue and a blog about Jane’s sudden turn around on 911 should come in the future because she could truly care less about the current state of 911 and is only playing politics with it also for the future benefit of the Stark GOP!


Milk!!!! She wants milk, dammit!! The prisoners WANT milk!!

What a way to go out ...... but then, you actually have to do something to have a "legacy"

Anonymous said...

Jane Vignos is demanding the county resume supplying milk to each prisoner! Jane you are cutting county department budgets and are mandating the county spend $65,000 a year on milk? Let them go back to just bread and water!

January 1st can not get here quick enough to be rid of this mentality!