Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It is becoming clear that Stark County Republican John P. Hagan (lame ducking his way through his final days as Ohio Rep - 50th) is already aiming for the 2010 elections.

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has learned that John P. Hagan, recently defeated by Pete Ferguson for county commissioner (in an effort to stay on the public payroll), is out making a fuss about Commissioner Todd Bosley's plan to fix Stark's 9-1-1 and Stark's longer term financial budgeting problems.

The Report has heard from a reliable source that the grandstanding Hagan blustered on WHLO (Akron) 640 AM that he was going to the hearings scheduled for December 22nd and 29th by the commissioners to lead the fight against the Bosley plan.

Well, if he follows through on his bellicose rhetoric, it will be the first time this guy has fought for anything. Moreover, it will show - yet again - what a shameless hypocrite he is.

As chairman of the Public Utilities Committee of the the Ohio House, he was one of Speaker Jon Husted's handmaidens in putting the screws to everyday people by constructing legislation that enabled AEP/Ohio Power to ask for an outrageous 52% increase in electric rates over the next three years.

And, if Governor Strickland had not intevened; the shafting of everydays would even have been greater.

So on the one hand - because of Hagan's failure to protect - many Stark Countians (assuming an electric bill of $100 monthly now) may be paying $52 a month ($616 annually) more to Ohio Power three years down the road.

On the other hand, Hagan wants to "go to the wall" to stop an increase of , on the average, $7 dollars a month ($84 annually) in a 1/4% sales/use tax increase so that Stark County commissioners can fix a "broken" 9-1-1 system and get Stark back to 2007 levels of funding for vital public services.

That's how John Hagan's mind functions. Screw everydays by lining the pockets of Ohio Power. Screw everydays by fighting the fixing of 9-1-1 and and other vital public services that mostly connect to day-in, day-out citizens than anyone else.

As poor of a county commissioner The Report thinks Pete Ferguson will make, he is a world ahead of John P. Hagan especially in caring about middle income and working class folks.

So The Report thinks this guy with his poltical stunt is taking aim at Commissioner Todd Bosley in 2010 when he is up for re-election.

In the meantime, it will be a struggle for Hagan. He will have to go back to being Joe err John the Plumber.

It has never ever occurred to The Report that Hagan has a "biblical" aspect to him. But this exercise he's got going now is clearly a modern day Stark County example of a guy "straining at a gnat" while "swallowing a camel."

Nice going John. You finally gotten good at something - "being a first-rate hypocrite!"

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Anonymous said...

Representative John Hagen can jockey for all the position he wishes to try for between now and 2010 for a run a commissioner Bosley. First, Mr. Hagen has been the most useless State Representative in Columbus for the last eight years ib state house history, only accomplishing massive deregulation legislation to help out the utility companies to further fleas Stark County residents. He never sponsored or co sponsored a piece of legislation that would easy any financial burden on once single tax payer in this county except for the like of AEP, Ohio Power and the gas companies. Secondly, he will always have this piece of legislation (Senate Bill 221) hanging around his political neck the rest if his life and could not over come it when it was finally made public in the political mail piece before his last commissioner election in which he was sent back to Marlboro Twp to become John the plumber once again.