Thursday, December 18, 2008


The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) believes that WPXI (Pittsburgh) Weekend Anchor Stacia Erdos Littleton may well be the next state senator from Ohio's 33rd Senate District.

Littleton was not the top choice of any of the county Democratic parties which are part of the 33rd who made recommendations to the Democratic Senate Caucus.

If selected, Littleton would be a compromise choice.

The leading candidstes have been former Mahoning County commissioner David Engler and Poland Township trustee Robert Lidle. Both appear to have lost favor with the caucus because of "political baggage" reported by the Youngstown Vindicator in a December 9th article.

Stark County candidate Steve Okey has a major problem because Stark is a very small part of the 33rd and conventional political wisdom suggests the post will go to a Mahoning County candidate because Mahoning County is the largest voting population factor in the district.

The Report has learned that John Boccieri seems to be favoring Littleton. If, indeed, Boccieri is in her corner, then Littleton could end up as his successor.

Biographical information can be viewed on the WPXI website.

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Anonymous said...

Are there good names in Stark County to run against Mr. Schuring if he decides to play musical chairs AGAIN with Mr. Osleger in two years? There has to be someone that will actually go to Columbus and fight for the people of Stark County. In two years Kirk will only pull out his education reform manual and talk about fixing school funding just like he has for the last 17 years, he will than go back to Columbus to do nothing about it. His House district includes North Canton, Jackson, Plain and Massillon. There has to be someone that will be a Champion for the people of Stark County and take on the special interests that continue to place all of the tax burden on individual property owners. Any suggestions REPORT? You have to be able to think of a few people with all of your years around politics in Stark County.