Monday, December 22, 2008


Commissioner Jane Vignos. Stark County's very own "got milk" celebrity?

Has milk gotten to Jane?

First, she opposes the merger of the Stark County Sanitary Engineer's office with the Stark County Engineer's office which will save Stark Countians $1.2 million annually.

Second, she opposes "cost cutting" measures being instituted by the Stark County sheriff which will result in a $65,000 annual savings. Prisoners will still get adequate milk; just not "the sky is the limit" quantities.

Perhaps, a compromise is in the offing. How about giving the prisoners all the "powdered" milk they want.

This would be "win, win." There would be a substantial savings to the county and the prisoners could drink to their heart's delight. But would they drink powdered milk? Probably not, but are they in a position to make demands?

Back to the commissioner. What's up with Jane? Is she working hard to achieve "got milk" celebrity status with this latest move.

Whatever, she ending her government career on a "sour" milk note, heh?

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Tom said...

The prisoners are not having anything taken from them. They still get their 2700 calorie a day diet and their daily calcium requirement. Whether it's in the form milk or a calcium fortified drink, makes no matter. The Sheriff on the other hand, saves $65,000. The status remains the same, and a savings is realized by the tax payers. Now what's wrong with this picture? Jane just wants her name in the paper. Me, me, me is all she's thinking about. Absolutely no regard for the very people she's supposed to represent. Shameful!!