Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Countywide Republican candidates still can rely on getting a majority out of Jackson Township.

For how much longer?

Stark County Board of Elections records shown above, indicate that William M. Burger has changed from being a Republican (May, 2007) to being a Democrat (March, 2008). This change gives control of the Jackson Township Board of Trustees to the Democrats.

In recent years it has been brought to the attention of how often - then Republican - Burger was attending Democratic political events. In 2005 he had a hotly contested race with union favorite (especially Hall of Fame AFL-CIO president - Dan Scuiry) Kathleen Kelly who, herself, was a union member.

The last the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) checked Scuiry (a powerful Stark County Democrat) - to put it nicely - has nothing good to say about Jackson Township Fiscal Officer and Democrat de facto Democratic Party Randy Gonzales. But Burger has developed a close political relationship with Gonzales and Democrat John Pizzino (although he does live in the hobnobish Glenmoor).

The Report has received information that Burger credits his 2005 victory over Kelly to Gonzales, Pizzino and former trustee Steve Meeks (now Governor Strickland's Region 9 Director).

Burger's recognition of who his political benefactors most likely led to the political affiliation switch.

But where this this leave the Republicans?

A commenter to The Report has said that the Republicans have given up on Canton and that they are going to concentrate on the townships.

Well, Jackson is a biggy to lose?

Is the Matthews-led (Stark County Republican chair) GOP going to make of fight of it against Burger in Jackson?


Anonymous said...

A strong candidate against Burger may well be Steve Meeks' wife, Patty. If memory serves correctly she did put her "foot in the water" at the last election and fared not too poorly, in spite of the backlash of her and her husband both playing simultaneous monarchy-style politics with the same seat.
You got to wonder how Trustee Burger might respond to competition from Patty Meeks. Might make for a good pre-election interview.

Anonymous said...

This move by Burger makes perfect sense now. Please see the attached Rep item posted 1/21/2009 ~ 11:22pm


Democrats watching out for each other ... more land grab, more tax dollars.

The folks in Jackon Twp, should be horrified!!!

Maybe Canton wants to install their speed cameras up there? Whipple (further south) has been a "cash cow" for years, but not by the city. The State Patrol, Sheriff, Jackson & Perry PD's .... love to "fight crime" on Whipple.